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With an international team of Podiatric specialists, we operate three full-scale podiatry centres in Orchard, Bukit Timah and East Coast.

Our team of Podiatrists are internationally trained and head by highly experienced podiatrists from local hospitals such as Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Alexandra, Jurong and NHG Polyclinics.

Our clinical specialists treat all types of foot and ankle pathology such as flat foot, sports injuries, children’s developmental abnormality, recurring bone, joint, muscle pain, wounds, skin and nail infection. We offer expert foot care advice and treatment solutions, as well as preventative measures to avoid the need for surgery.


While we offer holistic management to help you become pain-free, our extensive hospital-based training and experience will ensure that you receive prompt recognition and correct care for any hidden and serious lower limb conditions.

We are front-line healthcare specialists who work closely with doctors to pick up on lower limb conditions early and help patients maintain or seek appropriate treatment from these other medical specialists if needed.

You should see a Podiatrist whenever you have any concerns about your foot or ankle, especially if you are experiencing pain with daily activities/ sports, or if you notice a bone deformity becoming larger.

Patients may not notice and address their problem while it is early and more easily treatable, and may inadequately self-treat further aggravating the condition.

Many people may be unfamiliar with Podiatry despite its internationally-recognised status as a Western medical specialty.  If you feel you need a second opinion on your foot problem,  see a Podiatrist today.


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We are very happy to announce the successful continuation of our Exclusive Partnership with Toys “R” Us !
Beginning 10 June 2016, STAR CARD Members are now entitled to FREE Podiatry Consultation at Orchard Clinic and our affiliated Podiatry services at East Coast Podiatry Centres !

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Louis Loy

General Podiatrist (Kembangan Branch)
Member of Podiatry Association Singapore

Louis received his degree in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Brighton UK. His clinical experience includes the King’s College Hospital, Surrey Community Hospital, and Leaf Hospital in the UK.  In Singapore, he worked closely with Mount Elizabeth Podiatry before joining with East Coast Podiatry Centre.
Louis now practices at the East Coast Podiatry Centre (Kembangan), where he treats a variety of lower limb conditions ranging from soft tissue wounds to flat foot.
Louis’ deep interest in childrens’ foot conditions has led him to focus in Podopaediatric care (children’s foot health). He believes that parents should pay more attention to their children’s foot health before complication arise later in life such as pes planus(flat feet), genu valgum(knock knees), genu varum(bow leg), metatarsus adductus (pigeon toes), toe walking and many more Podopaediatric complications.
Louis is a member of the Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrist UK, which houses a trade union for registered podiatrists. He is also registered under the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) UK, a regulating body which assures that the practitioners are genuine and meet the national standards for medical practice.

Dr. Michael Lai

Principal Podiatrist
(DPM) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (USA)
Member of Podiatry Association Singapore

His vast experience include pediatric lower limb conditions such as club foot, where he trained intensively in babies foot casting.

Dr. Lai has over 16 years of experience in the field of podiatry, prior to joining Orchard Clinic Dr. Lai practiced 8 years in the United States and served 6 years as the Principal Podiatrist at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) receiving multiple hospital awards and recognitions.

He took on the clinical lead role for the podiatry department’s specialist musculoskeletal service with responsibility for service delivery, development, quality and effectiveness, and operational supervision of other senior podiatrists. Dr. Lai has given public talks, appeared on television and radio, and written articles to raise awareness of foot health in Singapore.