Zombie Apocalypse – What will you do?

Wednesday, 24 October 2018
Halloween Contest

Participate in our Halloween Contest. The comment with the most likes wins a pair of Express PLUS tickets worth SGD$296.00 to Halloween Horror Nights 8 at Universal Studios Singapore on the 31st of October 2018.

Read on to begin your adventure and find out how to win.


It is that time of the year again and costumed parties are going on all around town. Your friends have asked you out but you have had an insane week at work. All you want to do is lie down and binge watch Stranger Things or the latest episodes of My Only One. As you settle down on your sofa with your favourite snack, you hear sirens ring out in the distance. You ignore them, engrossed in your show.

You wake up with a start. You sit up slowly, groggy from sleep. The TV and lights are still on, but a smell of smoke and fire hangs unpleasantly in the air. ‘Must be the haze again’, you think to yourself.  You stretch and yawn, getting up to close the windows. As you reach for the window, what you are seeing truly hits you. Large plots of darkness punctuate the brightly lit nightscape of Singapore, swallowing the light from surrounding areas and isolating them like islands floating in a deep dark sea. ‘A blackout? Again? What’s going on?’ Orange tinged smoke rises from several locations in the distance, flickering and rising in the night. As you puzzle over the odd sight, you realise that the Public Warning System sirens are blaring.

You stagger back to the sofa, searching for your phone. It is 3:18 in the morning and you have had 15 missed calls, 6 text messages and 361 WhatsApp notifications since you fell asleep. You unlock the phone and check your missed calls. Three calls from relatives, eight from your parents, and four from different friends. You wonder why your parents have called that many times. When you contacted them in the evening, they were enjoying their annual trip to the Cameron Highlands. The text messages are also surprising as you rarely get text messages these days. You scroll through the messages. All of them are from 71250, the number for emergency broadcasts.

<SPF> Public disturbance at 2248 hrs. Stay clear of the area. Refer to SPF Facebook and Twitter for updates.

<SCDF> Fire incident at 2329 hrs. Stay clear of the area. Refer to SCDF Facebook and Twitter for updates.

<SCDF> Fire incident at 0112 hrs. Stay clear of the area. Refer to SCDF Facebook and Twitter for updates.

<SPF> Riot at 0132 hrs. Stay clear of the area. Refer to SPF Facebook and Twitter for updates.

<MHA> 0226 hrs. MHA has received multiple reports regarding attacks on residents across the island. Stay at home and wait for further instructions. Refer to MHA Facebook and Twitter for updates.

<MOH> 0248 hrs. A health hazard has been identified. There have been multiple reports of a highly infectious disease occurring at locations around the country. For your own safety, stay at home and wait for further instructions. Refer to MOH Facebook and Twitter for updates.

This does not sound good. Whatever is going on has been happening since you fell asleep and shows no signs of abating. You call your parents. The call fails to go through. A wave of anxiety strikes you. You scroll through your WhatsApp messages.

It is a jumbled mess. Panicked requests for information, urgent pleas for updates from friends and relatives, desperate pleas for help, and scattered reports of attacks, fires, and riots.

There is one common theme. The attackers appear to be biting their victims and ignoring any damage or wounds inflicted upon them. Unlikely though it seems, there appears to be only one possibility. Zombies.

You call your parents again. A piercing scream rings out through the neighbourhood. You freeze as you desperately try to figure out where it came from. You are unsuccessful with both the call and pinpointing the source of the scream.

You look through the messages again and mull over your options. Stay at home? Seek safety elsewhere? Try and reach your parents? Prepare a bag for a quick escape? Contact your friends to explore options?

You opt for the latter choice. You send several texts and WhatsApp messages to your closest friends. You stare desperately at your phone, willing it to come to life. No replies come in. You try calling. Nothing works. The networks appear to be up but nothing seems to be going or coming through.

Time to Run!

Another scream interrupts the distant alarm of the sirens. It seems closer. Leaving the house sounds terrifying, but being trapped in it sounds worse. You realise that you are going to need weapons, tools and more. You grab a backpack and begin cramming things into it.

Time to arm yourself

After rummaging through a few rooms in the house, you head to the kitchen. You find a number of potential weapons ranging from your mother’s favourite kitchen knife to a claw hammer from the toolbox. Laying them out, you pick up your chosen weapon and heft it in your hand, you are frightened and your heart is pounding out of your chest but it makes you feel a little better knowing that you are armed.

Eating is just as important as not being eaten

Weapons alone will not help, food is next. You continue searching the kitchen. Flavour counts, but portability and the ability to remain edible will count for more. You find the perfect item and stuff it into your rapidly filling backpack.

Your choice of shoes could save your life

As you leave the kitchen, you set your eyes upon the shoe rack beside the door. You look over the rows of shoes and choose the most suitable pair.

You put on your chosen pair of footwear and get ready to run for your life.

What will you choose? Halloween Contest

Comment on our Facebook page on the ten things you would want in your backpack when packing for the zombie apocalypse. You must include at least one weapon, one item of food, and the footwear of your choice.

The comment with most likes on Facebook will win a pair of Express PLUS tickets to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore for 31st of October 2018.


This contest will conclude at 12:00 PM on the 30th of October 2018. The winner will be notified via Facebook message.
Please keep your comments family-friendly and refrain from using any ill-intentioned language.
Prizes are to be collected at our Orchard branch located at 302 Orchard Road, Tong Building, #09-02, S238862.

East Coast Podiatry reserves the right to remove any comments that are deemed unsuitable at its discretion.

In the event of a tie, East Coast Podiatry will choose the winner at its own discretion.

[Update – 1 Nov 2018] We have a winner for this year’s contest!

🥇 The winner for this year’s contest is Pierce Goh and here are his ten items.

🥈 Hanah Ismail was taking the lead in our contest, but Goh Pierce blazed past her during the last 10 minutes of the competition. Good effort, Ma’am.

🥉 Mr Chua’s Zombie Survival List came in a distant 3rd. Tagging more friends would definitely help next time, Sir.

East Coast Podiatry wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

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