How is Children’s Day celebrated around the World?

ECP ​​ ​ Friday, 4 October 2019

Earlier this year, East Coast Podiatry established a paediatrics unit and expanded our operations in Kembangan. This child-focused clinic was established to fill a healthcare gap that we saw for children with lower limb conditions. Since its inception, we have begun to see more parents coming in with their children for advice on their child’s feet.

Despite being based in Singapore, our patients come from all over the globe. So, to celebrate this Children’s Day, we decided to look at how this very special day is celebrated in the home countries of some of our patients!


Students celebrating at Universal Studios Singapore Photo: Straits Times

Being a Singaporean practice, many of our patients are from Singapore. Children’s Day has been an ongoing celebration here since 1961. While many of us are used to being on the first of October, it was shifted to the first Friday of October in 2012.

This holiday is a day off for students in primary schools and gives them a longer weekend that they can spend with their families. However, it does cause some grumbling amongst secondary school aged students who feel and wish they should be entitled to a holiday that day too!


Japan Flying Carp Flags

The Japanese celebrate by flying carp shaped flags and displaying miniatures of samurai armour and helmets at home. The Japanese celebration known as Kodomo No Hi falls on the 5th of May and is the last of the public holidays that make up the country’s famous Golden Week.

These miniatures are meant to represent their wish to bring up strong and powerful boys. Special foods such as chimaki, which are similar to the rice dumplings eaten by the Chinese, and kashiwamochi are eaten to celebrate this holiday.


For many children, this festival is often considered to be an even bigger event than Christmas. Celebrated on the 12th of October, this public holiday is also a celebration for the national saint of Brazil, Our Lady of Aparecida. Schools and colleges even close for the entire week to give students a break.  On this day, parents give their children special treats and gifts.


India Children Day

Children’s Day in India has a special significance as it is celebrated on November 14th, the birthday of their first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was very fond of children and created many educational opportunities for the children of India.

The country celebrates the day by organising many activities for children including performances, competitions and cultural events, while sweets, books, stationery and other gifts are distributed to children.


Children in Germany are twice as special! The country celebrates two days for International Children’s Day on the 1st of June and World Children’s Day on the 20th of September. They take these days very seriously, even coming up with a different motto each year. This year’s motto was ‘Wir Kinder haben Rechte!’ – ‘We children have rights!

Aside from the usual celebrations, many Germans remind themselves that there are many children in need around the world, so they also raise funds and volunteer to help less fortunate children on these days.


China International Children's Day

China celebrates Children’s Day on International Children’s Day, which falls on the 1st of June. On this day, special performances for or by children celebrate the holiday and many tourist attractions offer discounted or free entry to children. Many cinemas or restaurants also offer discounts for children on this day. Adults, especially those working for the State, are sometimes given a day off to spend more time with their children.

East Coast Podiatry wishes all children and their families a very happy Children’s Day!

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