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NSF/NSmen with Foot Problems

Every Singaporean man has a proud national obligation to serve their country through NS (National Service) and for those who are assigned combative or physically active vocations, many have to cope with the strenuous and demanding physical training.


Military men would be carrying heavy army equipment while negotiating uneven jungle terrain, firemen running up countless flights of stairs with heavy fire-fighting equipment, and law enforcement officers such as policemen and security officers having to be on their feet all the time.


These activities are not easy on the feet and knees and made even more painful in rigid footwear like poor quality boots or generic running shoes that are not catered to individual foot type. More painful for men who already have foot problems such as flat feet.


The foot is an intricate part of the body, made up by a collection of small bones and joints it is really amazing in comparison to the rest of the human body. The remarkable ability of the foot at how it can support the entire weight of the human body while performing many high impact tasks.


With high intensity use of the feet during the course of training or duty, injuries and various foot problems are inevitable. There are a variety of reasons why it would be advisable to see a Podiatrist :

  1. Early Assessment and Prevention of foot problems before enlisting
  2. Treatment and maintenance of foot problems acquired during army training
  3. Untreated foot problems that aggravated over the course of service

For servicemen who are currently ‘excused RMJ’ or pending ‘PES Status review’ due to lower limb injuries, Podiatrists are able to assist with letters to MO (Medical Officer) advising on their assessment and findings.


Usually disorders on the foot often lead to other problems throughout body. Neglecting the legs and feet is the usual approach of many people, we often adopt the ‘wait and see’ method, hoping that the pain will go away or that we could “walk it off”. This is not advisable as without immediate attention the condition may worsen and will require more intense treatment and a longer recovery time.


Our feet work hard for us, ‘remember not to forget them’. 🙂


Author: Podiatrist Louis Loy

East Coast Podiatry Centre