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Georgina Tay ​​ ​ Friday, 22 December 2017
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Many people are travelling this festive season but without a pair of good feet, a traveller’s itinerary can unravel quickly. Here are a few tips by a Podiatrist for vacationers during this festive season, so your feet can carry you through all the way. Check out the video below to see what shoes we recommend for all your travel getaways.

Severe fungal nail | East Coast Podiatry

Do not let your souvenir be fungal toenails. Fungal infections are easily picked up when there is a change in climate and footwear. These infections are contagious and spread fast so they must be attended to quickly.

Hiking in the Tropics | East Coast Podiatry

Traveling to a tropical place? Watch out for pesky and painful parasitic infections, a good way of protection is to wear socks and covered shoes or trekking boots.

Aqua Shoes | East Coast Podiatry

It will be a good idea to wear aqua shoes or booties to protect your feet from corals, sharp rocks or broken glass bottles. Cuts on the sole of the foot are extremely painful and you can get multiple cuts when you step on these nasty sea traps, but they can also invite parasites and exotic bacteria to get under your skin.

Cracked Heel | East Coast Podiatry

Dry skin or cracks on the sole can become extremely painful and even develop into wounds in colder drier climates. Deep fissures may require sharp debridement followed by intensive skin care, to restore foot comfort and skin vitality before you set off on your trip.

Foot Massage | East Coast Podiatry

A good foot massage provides tension relief and blood flow stimulation to relieve foot aches and pains during the trip, but be aware that hard manipulation of an area of actual injury could cause more damage.

Bruised Black Toenail | East Coast Podiatry

Trauma to the toenails while hiking or trekking can be quite painful. Blood can accumulate under the injured nail plate, careful not to ignore it as it may lead to permanent loss of the nail or damage to the underlying structures below.

Tropical Resort | East Coast Podiatry

Increased walking on a trip, especially in new or inappropriate footwear will cause pain. A sudden change in your usual footwear can lead to abrasions, sprains or just plain discomfort. Better to bring along shoes that are already seasoned, those that you have already used for some time.

Take care of your feet and your feet will take you places.

Georgina Tay

Georgina Tay (Senior Podiatrist & Head of Department)

Georgina Tay is a U.K. trained and registered Podiatrist in Singapore where she heads a team of Podiatrists at East Coast Podiatry with clinics in Orchard, Novena and Kembangan, specialising in the conservative treatment of lower extremity disorders.

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