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Asia’s Leading Private Podiatry Practice in Biomechanics & Lower Limb Care


Careers with us


High Powered. High Expectations.

Our team is in search of talents who are looking for top-notch career opportunities and eager to drive towards excellence in a professional environment.


A spectrum of employment possibilities is available for you at East Coast Podiatry, we offer positions for internship, fresh graduates or experienced professionals.


We welcome personalities with the right mindset who believe in themselves that they can meet the exacting standards and requirement of our organisation. Professionals who will uphold the virtuous culture of our Practice and place patient-care above themselves.


Continuous professional development and career advancement opportunities are offered to committed people. We are an extremely competitive team and we are looking for people who are good team players who will excel in our dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Podiatrist Career | East Coast Podiatry


We are a team of highly driven and motivated Professionals whose mission is to provide our patients with the highest level of care through service quality and excellence.


Our aim to increase awareness of Podiatry and elevate the profession to be the gold standard frontline service of lower extremity healthcare in Singapore.


We push boundaries… so that we may provide advanced treatment options to our patients, and we are in search of people who possess the same belief system and clinical ethics to make this possible. We are in search of Podiatrists who are prideful of their profession and are looking to advance themselves through a high powered Practice.




Weekly staff meeting and clinical trainings are conducted using interactive and extensive case studies discussions. This ensures that clinical standards are up to date and patient care is uncompromised.


Our podiatric team work closely daily to discuss patient cases and coordinate through mobile platforms for fast and effective peer assistance.


Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced podiatrist, we are excited to hear from you. We are a competitive team and we are looking for people who are good team players and who can operate in a dynamic environment.

People are the Power Behind Every Step of our Success

Our Practice has always been characterised by it’s people. The birth and success of East Coast Podiatry was through fierce commitment and unwavering determination of its founders. It is in COMMITMENT which is still as ever, greatly valued.


At East Coast Podiatry we are training today’s talent, sculpting tomorrow’s elite.


Our Philosophy of Leave No Man Behind

We at East Coast Podiatry have established a framework of our ideals and we expect no less than excellence. Our founders were former Commandos in the Singapore Army, bringing with them a culture of camaraderie and esprit de corps. We expect from every member a strong sense of Team Spirit and Team Work.