Why is Children’s Foot Health Important?

We concentrate on pediatric foot health, including congenital issues, growth-related problems, and gait abnormalities. Pediatric foot health is necessary for ensuring the proper development and function of children’s feet. By addressing any concerns at an earlier age, parents can help set the foundation for lifelong foot health and mobility for their children.

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Pediatric foot health comprises the care and maintenance of children’s feet, right from infancy to adolescence. It is important to prioritise foot health during early childhood, as proper development is the cornerstone of good health, lifelong mobility, and comfort. Here is an overview of key aspects:

Developmental Milestones: Children’s feet go through significant changes when they’re growing up. Understanding the regular developmental milestones, such as crawling, standing, and walking, helps identify any abnormalities earlier on.

Footwear Selection: Choosing the right footwear is important for supporting growing feet. Shoes that are comfortable, and provide enough room for movement and growth, with sturdy soles and proper arch support. Ill-fitting shoes can cause discomfort, blisters, and even deformities.

Foot Hygiene: Teaching children good foot hygiene is necessary for preventing infections and maintaining overall foot health. Regularly washing and drying feet, especially after activities that cause sweating or lead to dirt exposure.

Foot Conditions and Disorders: Children may experience various foot conditions, such as flat feet, toe-walking, in-toeing, and out-toeing. While some of these issues are common and resolve with time, others may require intervention from a healthcare professional.

Sports and Activities: Participation in sports and physical activities is beneficial for children's overall health and development. Proper footwear is essential to prevent injuries during these activities, and children should be encouraged to warm up, stretch, and take breaks as needed.

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What are the most common problems children face with their feet?

The most common issues pediatric patients face that lead to foot pain are flat feet, heel pain, gait problems, ingrown nails, and plantar warts. Pediatric foot issues can cause difficulties for your child in daily life, affecting their comfort, well-being and mobility.

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Visited East Coast Podiatry for a regular review for my child who have her in toe condition successfully managed with ankle braces and in-sole management and very timely the team Jon Dungan and Ms Georgina are very detailed and sharp to quickly observe a toe nail bed infection caused by pedicure service just a day before the review that was cut too deep and pus was hidden inside causing some redness and pain. Jon and Georgina explained patiently the cause of the inflammation and carefully managed the infection and explained on the wound care. Jon is very attentive and provided excellent support to answer to our questions and show us all the core building exercises. It was a good and pleasant experience overall for the management journey. The admin team is always friendly and provide warm service too.