Having diabetes means you’re at much great risk of developing foot problems

Covers foot complications arising from diabetes, like neuropathy, ulcers, and poor circulation. Regular check-ups are vital.

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Diabetic patients are at heightened risk for various foot conditions due to poor blood circulation and nerve damage, often resulting from uncontrolled blood sugar levels. These complications can make the feet more susceptible to ulcers, infections, and even amputations if not properly managed and treated.

Diabetic ulcers describe wounds that do not heal normally and are at high risk of deterioration and infection due to a multitude of interrelated diabetic complications.

Diabetic foot ulcers typically form due to:

  • Overloading of a particular area of the foot
  • A small abrasion or blister from unsuitable footwear choices
  • Ingrown toenails

Diabetes can cause many complications such as blindness, kidney failure, and foot ulcerations. Although all these examples are serious, foot ulcerations are likely the most severe complication as they can lead to gangrene or tissue death, or even result in eventual amputation of the limb or death if sepsis develops.

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Risk Groups & Factors

Lack of compliance to medical advice
Neglected regular inspection of the feet
Trauma to the feet and lower limbs
Uncontrolled blood sugar levels


What are the early signs of diabetic foot problems?

People with diabetes can experience nerve damage, which can lead to numbness. This can make it difficult to feel pain, resulting in foot injuries such as wounds and fractures going unnoticed. Delayed or improper care due to a state of obliviousness is a likely probability as to why a diabetic wound is not recovering.

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Good job guys! After the minor accident on my toe nail, it has healed 100%. I was so qorried as i am diabetic for 15 years. Now i still have my right big toe is ok now. Execllent job guys and the peripherals provided for home care is top notch from East Coast podiatory.

Wiryadi Hamidon