What are the Common Causes of Fracture in the Elderly?

Osteoporosis (skeletal fragility) and falls are two of the main reasons for most fractures sustained by the elderly. Osteoporosis is the primary cause of vertebral compression fractures, while falls are more responsible for appendicular fractures (such as those of the hip and femur). Although all bones in the body can be impacted, fractures in the elderly typically occur in the hip, knees, or feet.

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The risk of sustaining a fracture increases linearly as bone mineral density decreases, leading to an increasing need for bone and muscle strength maintenance as one ages. Similarly, the occurrence of fracture-inducing falls can be reduced by improving one’s gait, balance, and coordination.

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Common Symptoms

Inability to put pressure on the site of injury
Sharp immediate pain in the fracture location
Radiating pain
Bruising and inflammation extending from the site of injury
Tenderness, swelling or bruising at the site of injury
Dull aching sensation

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How Can Your Podiatrist Aid With Recovery?

An initial assessment with a podiatrist is required to obtain an accurate diagnosis. An ultrasound or x-ray image is normally used to ascertain the severity and type of fracture to guide the appropriate podiatric intervention. Depending on the nature of the fracture and the results of your diagnosis, one or more of the following approaches may be utilised: -Offloading using soft, hard, fixed or removable casts/splints -Super Inductive System (SIS)/ Focused Shock Wave Therapy (FSWT) -Muscle rehabilitation and gait training Such procedures are subject to weekly review, while more severe fractures may require surgical intervention.

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