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CPD Courses & Workshops

DiscussionSports Medicine
Mar 2018

Workshop with Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Low Wye Mun, a prominent sports physician, was the guest speaker at this week’s professional development session. He touched on a variety of issues during the session, focusing particularly on..

Clinical DiscussionVascular
Mar 2018

Inter-professional Discussion with Vascular Specialist

Clinical DiscussionOrthopaedic
Feb 2018

Workshop with Guest Orthopaedic Surgeon

This week at East Coast Podiatry’s professional development session, our guest orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Kannan Kaliyaperumal, conducted a workshop..

Clinical DiscussionBiomechanics
Jan 2018

Biomechanics Workshop

Advanced biomechanics workshop and clinical discussion with our guest biomechanist and orthotist. Mr Wilson joined the team of East..

Clinical DiscussionOrthopaedic
Jan 2018

Sharing Session with Guest Orthopaedic Surgeon

Workshop with our guest orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gowreeson, discussions on coordinated care plans between Podiatry and Orthopaedic in Singapore...

Clinical DiscussionsPod Team
Nov 2017

Workshop with Podiatry Lecturers

It is our honour to have Podiatry lecturers of La Trobe University Dr. Daniel Bonanno & Dr. Adam Bird speak with us on their subject of interests: ‘Do foot orthoses and shock..