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CPD Courses & Workshops

ConferenceWound Healing
May 2018

Wound Healing by Dr. Kevin Woo

Our team of podiatrists were pleased to attend a wound healing presentation organised by the Wound Healing Society, Singapore and Convatec at the Singapore General Hospital on the 23rd of May...

WorkshopShockwave Expert
Apr 2018

Advanced Extracorporeal Shockwave

DiscussionSports Medicine
Mar 2018

Workshop with Sports Medicine Specialist

Clinical DiscussionVascular
Mar 2018

Inter-professional Discussion with Vascular Specialist

Podiatry, vascular and orthopaedic departments in many hospitals in the world work closely to provide patients with lower extremity..

Mar 2018

Better Practice with Diagnostic Ultrasound

At our clinics, we understand that having diagnostic modalities is indispensable for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal..

Clinical DiscussionOrthopaedic
Feb 2018

Workshop with Guest Orthopaedic Surgeon

This week at East Coast Podiatry’s professional development session, our guest orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Kannan Kaliyaperumal, conducted a workshop..

Clinical DiscussionBiomechanics
Jan 2018

Biomechanics Workshop

Advanced biomechanics workshop and clinical discussion with our guest biomechanist and orthotist. Mr Wilson joined the team of East Coast Podiatrists for a full day of hands-on training and educational sharing..

Clinical DiscussionOrthopaedic
Jan 2018

Sharing Session with Guest Orthopaedic Surgeon

Clinical DiscussionsPod Team
Nov 2017

Workshop with Podiatry Lecturers