Upper and Lower Body Treatments with Advanced Applications of SIS Workshop

Workshop ​​ ​ Tuesday, 23 July 2019

East Coast Podiatry is pleased to have jointly organised with BTL Singapore to bring Luís Ribeiro, of Sporting Clube de Portugal, to our practice to conduct a workshop on the advanced applications of SIS on treating pains in the lower and upper body.

Mr Ribeiro plays a critical role at one of the world’s top football clubs, working with footballers on multimillion-dollar contracts and where injury can mean a potential loss of tens of millions to the club and player. As a result, he must minimise injury and reduce recovery time for these players who need to be back in the field as soon as possible.

Although lower limb injuries are most common among footballers, they are also often susceptible to injuries in the upper body, groin or hip regions. This requires Ribeiro to be an expert at resolving pain in areas across the body, and one of the tools uses regularly is BTL’s Super Inductive System.

Through this workshop, the BTL’s Super Inductive System serves as an amazing pain relief treatment option for both upper and lower body ailments.

Advanced Applications of Super Inductive Workshop

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