Advanced Shockwave Applications

Workshop ​​ ​ Wednesday, 7 November 2018

We are proud to have organised another exclusive workshop at our practice, this time with Dr. Stephan Swart from Germany!

This workshop was focused on the practical use of advanced application of shockwave for fascia-related conditions and featured plenty of hands-on training for our podiatrists.

Such opportunities allow our podiatrists and staff to constantly develop their skills while keeping apace of new developments in the field, and are firmly aligned with our practice’s firm belief in developing our people through continuous education.

Our sincerest appreciation to Innomed and Storz Medical for their joint efforts in organising today’s course.

Dr. Swart is an orthopaedic spine surgeon who is also a world expert in the application of advanced shockwave techniques for healing sports injuries and specific techniques for reducing tightness associated with diabetes, sports injuries and tendon overuse conditions.

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