Workshop with Sports Podiatry Expert

Workshop ​​ ​ Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Sports Podiatry

Mr. Andrew Bull, a veteran podiatrist with over 20 years of experience, flew in from Australia to speak at this week’s professional development session. Well-known for his expertise in sports podiatry, Andrew also works with the Australian national rugby team. With a special focus in hypermobility related issues and leg-length discrepancies (LLD), Andrew is a popular speaker for such topics.

Andy Bull Podiatrist Demonstrating

Understanding LLD is crucial for podiatrists as it can often be the cause of non-traumatic injuries among both leisure and professional sports players. Moreover, due to its nature, it is often missed by healthcare professionals, leading to neglect of the condition and recurrent injury. Through this workshop, East Coast Podiatry works to broaden the knowledge base of our podiatrists and improve clinical outcomes for our patients.

Podiatrist Workshop practical

With the introduction of our new paediatrics clinic, addressing LLD has grown in importance as it can manifest during the growth period and become more significant. During the workshop, Andrew led a section on practical assessments with the tools available at our clinics, ensuring that our podiatrists are well-equipped to assess and diagnose the biomechanical issues that can lead to injury.

Sports Podiatry Workshop with Andy Bull

We are delighted to have had Andrew visit us for this informative workshop and look forward to seeing him again on his next visit to Singapore. Mr. Andrew Bull is the principal podiatrist of Sydney Sports Podiatry in Sydney, Australia. Find out more about him at the following link:

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