Biomechanics Workshop

Clinical Discussion ​​ ​ Saturday, 27 January 2018

Advanced biomechanics workshop and clinical discussion with our guest biomechanist and orthotist. Mr Wilson joined the team of East Coast Podiatrists for a full day of hands-on training and educational sharing on the importance of identifying tibial torsion and accurate measurement techniques. Refresher events such as these are key to maintaining a high degree of podiatry standards for paediatric and adult biomechanical assessments.

With more research being carried out in newer or previously overlooked areas of biomechanics and the musculoskeletal system, tibial torsion is a biomechanical anomaly that often goes untreated. A critical aspect in the assessment of children, it is one of the leading causes of in-toeing gait, clumsiness in walking, falling over often and common complaints of ‘growing pains’.

This condition is most likely due to inter-uterine positioning and is proven to have a strong hereditary link. Early intervention can help to reduce this deformity of the tibia bone, but assessment must be accurate for good clinical outcome.

A child’s tibial torsion may be overlooked, or the parents may be told that it would resolve on its own. New research suggests that intervention is key to preventing biomechanical compensations and deformity.

More information about tibial torsion (in-toeing):

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