Application of Richie Brace

Workshop ​​ ​ Thursday, 16 August 2018
Ankle Foot Orthoses

Our guest speaker for this week’s CPD session, Mr. Kent Sweeting, director of the Queensland Orthotic Laboratory, flew in to conduct a workshop on the advanced application of ankle foot orthoses, with a particular focus on the Richie Brace. A frequent speaker at conferences, Kent is also a past President of the the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, lecturer at Queensland University of Technology’s Podiatry faculty and the consultant podiatrist to the Queensland Ballet.

Richie Brace | Kent Sweeting Demonstration

Introducing the Richie Brace, Mr. Sweeting shared that this design is particularly suitable for our climate as the lightweight design offers improved breathability and comfort. He also demonstrated the proper use of these orthotic devices and explained how they were essential in treating cases such as ankle and subtalar joint arthritis or peroneal tendinopathy.

Richie Brace | Georgina

In addition, the Richie Brace may also be used to assist patients with challenging neuromuscular conditions such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and cerebral palsy.

Richie Brace | Ari & Sani

Only available in select countries, the renowned Richie Brace is the gold standard in ankle foot orthoses and has a successful track record of successfully treating complex lower limb conditions and issues caused by brain and spinal cord injuries.

Richie Brace Workshop Team Shot

Kent has predominantly been in private practice with a clinical interest in tendinopathies and sports medicine. He has published in international peer-reviewed medical journals and presented at conferences both locally and internationally. Kent is a contributor to Bruckner and Khan’s “Clinical Sports Medicine” textbook – a seminal sports medicine text. Kent is also the director of Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy. To find out more about Kent, check out the following link:

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