Podo-Paediatrics Workshop with Guest Speakers

Workshop ​​ ​ Monday, 4 November 2019

East Coat Podiatry would like to extend our thanks to veteran podiatrist Mark Ould and podiatric surgeon Mario Horta for joining the team for our latest CPD workshop on paediatric podiatry. As a podiatric surgeon, Mario Horta sees a variety of serious lower limb conditions amongst children. With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Mark Ould’s return to the practice offered our team another opportunity to pick at his brain.

Podiatric Surgeon Mario Horta doing an assessment

Over the course of the workshop, the two speakers worked together to offer tips and strategies for dealing with young patients, including insights on how accurately recognise and diagnose complex paediatric cases.

Mr Horta's sharing his experience

Mr. Horta’s experience was instrumental in allowing our team to understand the limits and importance of conservative treatments in dealing with complex cases, providing our team with a better understanding of how conservative treatments can be used in conjunction with surgical options to best serve the needs of our young patients.

Our podiatric team would like to extend our thanks to the guest speakers and look forward to hosting them for future CPD sessions.

East Coast Podiatry Team with Guest Speakers

Mr. Mark Ould is the principal podiatrist of Malibu Podiatry in Perth, Western Australia, a member of Sports Medicine Australia, as well as a forensic podiatrist who has worked with the Western Australia Police Service. Find out more about him at the following link: http://malibupodiatry.com.au/our-team/#gallery-details-mark-ould.

Mr. Mario Horta was the president of the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons and is a podiatric surgeon practicing in Perth, Western Australia.

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