Workshop with Brighton University’s Senior Lecturer

Workshop ​​ ​ Monday, 7 January 2019
Paediatrics Assessment

East Coast Podiatry was pleased to begin 2019 with a workshop conducted by Miss Dao Tunprasert, Senior Lecturer from the University of Brighton. Miss Dao was at the practice to facilitate a round-table discussion on treating paediatric developmental abnormalities using advanced clinical modalities.

ECP | Paediatric Workshop

The workshop also included hands-on practice with patients and a discussion on the role podiatrists play in the treatment of patients with spinal and neurological conditions. As a number of these conditions present as symptoms that affect the lower limbs, it is crucial for podiatrists to have a keen understanding of these conditions and the treatment modalities available to podiatrists.

One of the patients assessed during the session was a complex case of a 13-year-old female developing lowering limb deformity and scoliosis. While she had been using store-bought insole, they were unsuitable and may have exacerbated her issues. The child presented with OS navicular, malalignment syndrome as well as the onset of scoliosis, severe flatfoot, PTTD and severely collapsed arch. While it is less common for a patient to present such symptoms at that age, this allowed Miss Dao and our podiatrists to assess her as a group.

ECP | Paediatric Workshop Handson

Our podiatrists found the workshop to be informative and practical, offering them a valuable refresher on paediatric assessments, enabling the practice to continue providing our patients with the gold standard in the assessment and treatment of paediatric lower limb conditions.

ECP | Paediatric Workshop Gait Machine

We would also like to thank our two paediatric patients and their parents who volunteered to perform as models for the practical section of the workshop.

ECP | Paediatric Workshop with Brighton University

We are delighted to have had Miss Dao visit us for this informative workshop and look forward to seeing her again on her next visit to Singapore.

Miss Dao Tunprasert is a Senior Lecturer from the School of Health Sciences with the University of Brighton. Find out more about her at the following link:

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