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Discussion ​​ ​ Sunday, 18 March 2018
Sports Medicine

Dr. Low Wye Mun, a prominent sports physician, was the guest speaker at this week’s professional development session. He touched on a variety of issues during the session, focusing particularly on the new wave of injuries due to lifestyle changes, and the importance of educating patients and the general public, and the guidelines regarding exercise from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

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In recent years, Dr. Low observed that increasing numbers of patients were presented at his sports clinic with medical conditions caused by daily activities. These included lifestyle activities such as dog walking, and repetitive workplace tasks, typically involving but not limited to manual labour. Injuries were not limited to the lower extremities but often presented as ankle or knee pain in patients. These indications were often caused or exacerbated by a lack of knowledge among patients, and he highlighted the importance of educating the general public to avoid or reduce the incidence of such injuries. Dr. Low also noted that it was not uncommon for patients to be unaware that their conditions were similar in nature to sports injuries, and that such knowledge was critical for treatment as it often made patients more cognizant of the need for immediate treatment.

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In addition, sports injuries among older patients were also on the rise, presumably due to better healthcare and healthier diets that allowed them to remain active longer.

We would like to thank Dr. Low for joining us at this week’s professional development session and hope that he will be able to join us again in the future

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Dr. Low Wye Mun, a.k.a Sportzdoc, is a sports medicine doctor who integrates physiotherapy, podiatry, sports nutrition and exercise/fitness training to provide holistic treatment for sports-related and recreational activity injuries, aches and pain. Find out more about him at the following link:

Dr Low Wye Mun

Dr. Low Wye Mun

MBBS (S’pore)

MSS (Sports Medicine)

MMed (Public Health)

Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine

Fellow of the Academy of Medicine (Singapore)

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