Wound Healing by Dr. Kevin Woo

Conference ​​ ​ Friday, 25 May 2018
Wound Healing

Our team of podiatrists were pleased to attend a wound healing presentation organised by the Wound Healing Society, Singapore and Convatec at the Singapore General Hospital on the 23rd of May.

Featuring guest speaker Dr. Kevin Woo, the presentation, titled “Managing the challenges of wound exudates, infection and biofilm for a better a clinical outcome”, was a welcome refresher for the team. Being active practitioners in the field, keeping abreast of developments of the field can be challenging. Attending such presentations and organising workshops conducted by specialists are just some of the ways our practice helps the podiatric team maintain their edge.

Some of the topics covered at the presentation included the use of biofilm for wound dressing and the use of electromagnetism and shockwave in wound healing. Of particular interest to the team was the use of using fluorescent lights to detect bioluminescent bacteria as well as timing wound dressings to aid wound recovery.

The team was also given the opportunity to explore some new product offerings in wound management technology and dressings.

Dr. Kevin Woo and Dr. Dr Joethy Janna-Vale with our podiatric team

We would like to thank Wound Healing Society, Singapore and Convatec for co-organising this event, as well as Dr. Kevin Woo for making his way from Toronto for this presentation.

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