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Calf Stretch Board Instructions and Warranty Terms

Your podiatrist has prescribed a treatment plan that includes the use of this Calf Stretch Board. Please follow the plan as instructed by your ECP podiatrist. If you experience any pain or difficulty, or if you have any questions on the use of this device, please contact your podiatrist immediately.


How To Use:


  • Set up the calf stretch board on a flat even surface
  • Ensure you warm up thoroughly before proceeding to use
  • Follow your Podiatrist’s recommended programme
  • Always exercise caution when undertaking physical activity


Straight Leg Stretch:


    • Adjust the board to the 1st incline setting
    • Place both feet on the board with toes pointing forward
    • Stand up straight with knees extended, maintaining an upright posture
    • For increased safety and comfort, position the board next to a wall and rest your back against the wall while standing on the board

Calf Stretching Board in Use


  • Hold the stretch for 2-5 minutes (or as instructed by your Podiatrist); discontinue immediately if you feel sharp pain or excessive strain
  • Repeat mornings and evenings daily
  • Once you can comfortably stretch for 2-5 minutes without strain, you may increase to the next incline setting

Many of our patients experience calf tightness; they struggle to adequately stretch their calf and hamstring muscles, resulting in chronic posterior chain musculoskeletal conditions. Our calves are used for activities of daily living: standing, walking, running, climbing, cycling and jumping.  These muscles become tense with activity, especially if correct stretching is not done daily.


This calf stretch board targets the posterior chain muscles that include (but are not limited to) the hamstrings and triceps surae muscles.  Calf stretch boards set at incremental angles can help increase calf flexibility more easily, quickly and effectively for patients of all ages and ability.



Warranty Terms:


This device comes with a 2-year warranty on product defects. We guarantee one-for-one replacement on non-deliberate damages. Removal of the warranty sticker will void the warranty.