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Do you have a fungal nail infection?

Raised Nails

Powdery Nail Surface

Foul or Cheesy Odour

Nail Brown, yellow or white

Cracked or Broken Nails

Thickened Nails

Due to the humid conditions of our climate, fungal infections are highly common amongst Singaporeans. It affects people of all ages, but the elderly and those with weakened immune systems have a much greater risk of contracting this condition.

These infections are caused by several different types of fungus and can affect your nails, skin, mouth, or other sensitive parts of your body. For example, the same candida fungus can cause oral thrush infections, vaginal yeast infections, diaper rash and nail infections.

Fungal Nail Infection

Oral Thrush Infection

Diaper Rash

While many people have heard about fungal infections, it often goes unnoticed or ignored in Singapore due to a lack of understanding or recognition of symptoms. Leaving this condition untreated can lead to consequences such as -

  • Foot pain
  • Spread of infection from nail to feet or skin
  • Deformation or loss of nails
  • Widespread infection for those with impaired immune systems or chronic conditions such as diabetes

Avoid these complications and consult a podiatrist at East Coast Podiatry for painless and surgery-free removal of fungal infections. Our clinicians will also advise you on any underlying issues that may be a cause for your fungal infections.

Why East Coast Podiatry?

East Coast Podiatry leverages on the shared experience and hard-won knowledge of the team to offer our patients with new solutions for old problems. Our podiatrists have worked in public healthcare settings such as hospitals and polyclinics as well as private healthcare services, providing them with the necessary clinical expertise to handle all forms of lower limb conditions.

While fungal removal services are often advertised at nail salons, these places are also often responsible for transmitting fungal nail infections due to poor sanitation practices regarding both equipment and practitioner.

As experts of foot and lower limb care, podiatrists utilise alternative methods to treat fungal nail infections. By combining expert debridement to expose the infection beneath the nail with specific light wavelengths and a specialised antifungal gel, our treatment can destroy fungal cells without harming the underlying cells.

In addition, a clinical assessment by a trained healthcare professional is critical as lines or stains on a toenail that are mistaken as fungal nail infections can sometimes be critical conditions such as a subungual melanoma which is cancer of the skin under the nail.

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