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We Specialise in Conservative Treatments
Using the Highest Intensity Methods Available Today

Focused Shockwave
Our Swiss-made Medical shockwave system (FSWT) utilizes true shockwave technology. It directs a highly focused beam of energy through its silicone contact assembly and gel medium that is capable of targeting treatment to the cellular level. This results in the highest intensity and precision when treating painful areas.
Radial Shockwave
ESWT has a wide array of head pieces used for different soft tissue and muscle areas which can be administered comfortably. In our experience as ISMST-certified shockwave practitioners, we find that radial shockwave (ESWT) offers the most significant and long- lasting improvement if used in combination with real shockwave (FSWT) and other therapeutic modalities.
Super Inductive System
The Super Inductive System (SIS) is an advanced treatment based on the healing effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields; it is the same technology used to promote faster healing after many types of surgery. SIS offers patients with muscular and neurological ailments a non-invasive contact- free solution for their conditions. It is a pain- free in-clinic treatment option that is able to bypass the surface and penetrate deep neuromuscular layers.

East Coast Podiatry is a specialist clinic in Podiatric Medicine, focused on conservative healing of the foot, ankle and associated body structures in relation to the lower extremities.

Led by podiatric surgeon Dr. Michael Lai, we are Asia's most well-established team of podiatrists in private practice. Our pool of wide-ranging clinical knowledge and experience is unmatched by others in the field, allowing us to deliver on our promise in full.

We invest in


Accurate treatment is only possible with expert diagnosis and up-to-date treatment protocols. That is why East Coast Podiatry invests heavily in providing the highest-quality medical hardware and devices to our patients. By bringing in the best treatment devices from the world's leading medical tech companies and combined with specialised tools that are currently unavailable elsewhere, our podiatrists are able to employ a greater variety of treatments while maintaining more precise control over the treatment process.

The result is the highest clinical efficacy available through non- surgical means, while minimising patient downtime through speedy and sustained recovery.

Over 300 Five stars and Recommended Reviews

Annasharelle reviewed East Coast Podiatry.
March 2019
Very helpful session i had with Afnan! It was informative and professional. I had backaches and recommended by a friend to try out the SIS treatment at this clinic. I thought it was strange to go to a podiatry clinic for backache at first, but I went after researching more about this treatment. Afna...
Bee Lay Mah reviewed East Coast Podiatry.
June 2019
I visited the East Coast Podiatry Clinic (Kembangan) with complaints of pain in my left heel and ankle pain with swelling.   I was assigned to Ms Chantelle Crossland who assessed my condition and with her findings proposed a treatment plan for me.   I have since completed the s...
Jacqueline Chan reviewed East Coast Podiatry.
June 2019
I chanced upon East Coast Podiatry website when I was searching for remedy for my aching heels. I seen good reviews on the website so I have decided to give it a try. Dr Benedict Khoo, who attended to me, gave me good advices on what kind of shoes to wear and the stretches to do to improve my condit...

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