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ECP ​​ ​ Friday, 3 August 2018

Located in Novena Medical Centre is East Coast Podiatry’s Novena branch, our iconic foot clinic was recently refreshed to provide our patients with the optimal patient experience. In our pursuit to improve our services we asked ourselves this question – As patients, what kind of experience would we like in a clinic? And so we examined our procedures both in and out of the treatment room and solicited feedback from our existing patients.

Ms. Juliet Dizor, Supervisor of ECP’s Novena clinic, had this to say about the refresh. “Feedback from our patients was invaluable to the process, and attention to detail was crucial to making the relevant changes a success. The most prominent update was the addition of the full panel glass entrance of the clinic. This insulated the internal space from external noise, creating a serene environment within the clinic. This change has been popular with our patients, and a number have commented positively on the privacy and relaxing feel of the clinic.”

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Senior podiatrist Mr. Sani Kamis, who is the practice’s expert in rheumatology, added, “The Sky Garden has proven to be very popular among our patients. We encourage our patients to enjoy the view and enjoy the fresh air while they’re waiting to be seen. The greenery definitely helps to feel at peace, and we hope that it conveys that same feeling to our patients during treatment. Some of the other changes implemented include rearranging the clinic layout to make it more patient-friendly.”

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We approached a number of patients for their thoughts on the clinic and they were kind enough to say a few words.

Ms. Fong, 29, said: “The clean design and lush garden is very soothing. I always make it a point to take a walk in the Sky Garden. But the friendly staff here is what really makes coming here a very pleasant one.”
Ms. Barry, a 48-year-old teaching assistant, shared: “The staff are friendly and welcoming. The podiatry services at East Coast Podiatry are unlike any other, the experience here is truly special.”
Mr. Teo, 41, remarked, “My first visit, I parked at the 7th floor car park and went upstairs but couldn’t find the clinic even though it’s beside the escalator, as it looked like the building’s information counter. This new entrance makes it a lot more obvious that it’s a private space. I like the change.”

“Patient care is not just about getting from point A to point B. It is about the journey, and every step of the way counts. Everything from layout to atmosphere was crafted in consideration for patient care and comfort. We recognise that there is always progress to be made, and we are always happy and willing to receive feedback from patients and staff on how to improve our services and processes.” – Podiatrist Benedict Khoo, who is based in the Novena clinic, specialises in treating sports-related lower limb injuries.

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