Clinic visit with Victoria Junior College

ECP ​​ ​ Wednesday, 3 July 2019

To build upon our visit to Victoria Junior College (VJC) during their careers fair, we offered interested students to our clinic for an in-depth introduction to podiatry.

This past week, we were delighted to host a group of students who were keen on find out more about podiatry as well as the options available for reading it at university. During their visit, the students were exposed to different aspects of a podiatrist’s work. As some of the students had not been to our talk during the career visit but had expressed interest through their friends, the visit begun with a briefing session by Senior Podiatrists Aria Tria Dzulkifle, Abdullah Sani Kamis and Podiatrist Ryan Marshall.

Podiatrist Ryan, Podiatrist Ari and Podiatrist Sani giving a demo to the student

Subsequently, students observed a consultation where one of their peers who experienced lower limb pain worked with our podiatrists to assess and identify the cause for their discomfort. Such demostrations allow students to understand the intricacies of the consultation process as well as highlight some of the differences between podiatry and some of the other allied health professions.

Podiatrist Ari explaining

The visit also provided students opportunities to see how some of the tools available to the practice are put to use for assessment and diagnosis of patients.

Podiatrist Ari checking on leg condition

The visit to our clinic was capped off with a Q & A session where the students shared some of their thoughts and queries regarding the study and practice of podiatry.

We are pleased to say that the event was well received by the students, who also offered valuable feedback and suggestions for future visits. We were delighted to host these students and look forward to future collaborations with Victoria Junior College and other members of the educational community in expanding the boundaries of podiatry in Singapore.

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