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Internship March 2019

We are pleased to host our latest group of podiatry students from the esteemed University of Huddersfield and the University of Salford. East Coast Podiatry’s reputation as a centre of excellence for learning has brought the quartet here for their clinical placement.


Senior Podiatrist Ari Tria | Ultrasound Diagnostics

Senior Podiatrist Ari Tria demonstrates in-clinic ultrasound diagnostics scanning.


Senior Podiatrist Sani Kamis | Consultation Protocols

Senior Podiatrist Sani Kamis offering feedback on patient consultation protocols



One of our Huddersfield students gets a clearer understanding of MSK assessments by undergoing an assessment.


Shockwave Therapy

A student from Salford undergoes instruction for performing shockwave therapy.


These interns will be here for a month. East Coast Podiatry is always pleased to offer undergraduate students clinical opportunities to work with our practice.