Intro to Podiatry with Dunman High School

ECP ​​ ​ Friday, 1 February 2019

Over the past two weeks, East Coast Podiatry has been working with closely with Dunman High School to offer their students insight into the field of podiatry. As the field is relatively  relatively unknown amongst the general public in Singapore, we are always pleased to have an opportunity to work with students and other members of the public.

ECP | Dunman High School Visit

During the first week, members of the practice visited the school to share about the practice of podiatry, speak about the career pathways available, and invite students for a learning journey at our clinics.

ECP | Dunman High School with Podiatrist Ari

This week, we were delighted to host over thirty students who were keen on learning more about podiatry as well as the options available for studying it in university. At our clinic, the students were exposed to different aspects of a podiatrist’s work. Beginning with an overview of podiatry, students went through several stages where they were offered an opportunity to experience podiatry first-hand.

ECP | DHS with Podiatrist Afnan

Sitting in on a consultation session with a model patient or volunteering to serve as a patient helped the students understand the intricacies of the consultation process.

ECP | DHS Students with Podiatrist Sani

In addition, students were given hands-on time with diagnostic and assessment tools, allowing them to see and use some of the tools available to our podiatrists.

ECP | Podiatrist Afnan demonstrating on biomechanics

The visit to our clinic was capped off with a Q & A session with the podiatrists and members of the staff. Opening the floor up to questions allowed students to express their questions in a more casual setting, allowing us to address their concerns about studying overseas and its associated costs, job prospects in the field and other areas.

East Coast Podiatry with Dunman High School

We are pleased to say that the event was well received by the students, with many expressing an interest in an opportunity to shadow or intern at the practice. We were delighted to host these students and look forward to working closely with Dunman High School and other members of the educational community in expanding the boundaries of podiatry in Singapore.

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