Intro to Podiatry with Singapore Polytechnic

ECP ​​ ​ Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Last month, Singapore Polytechnic invited East Coast Podiatry to speak to a group of students about studying podiatry and the career prospects available to students.

The students, who came from an array of diverse backgrounds and academic courses, were shown how podiatrists are intertwined with the rest of the healthcare system as well as the types of conditions that they treat.

Introduction to Podiatry at Singapore Polytechnic Visit

In order to help them understand the crucial need for such clinicians due to demographic changes in Singapore, we also shared with the students some of the oncoming challenges such as the aging population and the increase in those diagnosed with diabetes.

To best allow the students to make an informed decision about their future studies, the practice has also extended an invitation to the students and to their lecturers to visit our clinics for a first-hand experience with podiatry.

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