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Podiatrist Internship

East Coast Podiatry is happy to welcome Jason and Grace from QUT and UWA, Australia who are here on their Podiatry internship. First from left: Grace Wan. First from right: Jason Chu.


Podiatrist Treatment | East Coast Podiatry

Dr. Lai demonstrating proper foot casting techniques that he has acquired from his experience serving in American hospitals and Singapore General Hospital.


Podiatrist Discussion | East Coast Podiatry

Placement student Grace from UWA is coached by the seniors on the use and correct application of Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy on a plantar fasciitis indication.


Placement student Jason from QUT is coached by the seniors on the use of Diagnostic Ultrasound.


Treatment Rooms | East Coast Podiatry

The group splits into two teams to concurrently run training on foot casting techniques.