Serving Our Patients Better at Kembangan

ECP ​​ ​ Friday, 7 September 2018

We have recently refreshed our East Coast Podiatry branch at Kembangan Plaza to offer patients with a better experience at our clinics. To ensure that we deliver upon our goal of providing our patients with the gold standard of service, we surveyed our staff and patients on what could be improved.

“While patients have always been very happy with our clinical services, they shared that certain improvements could be made to the operations of the clinic,” revealed Carmen Cheok, Centre Supervisor of the Kembangan branch. “Although the physical layout of the clinic required some adjustments to operations, we streamlined the process by grouping each stage of the treatment process and making bookings more convenient for patients. Staying open on the weekends has also made it much more accessible and easier for patients to see us. It may come as a surprise, but we do have patients who have come from as far as Jurong or Woodlands.”

Clinic Supervisor Veronica Chin added, “With the refreshed lighting and furnishing, the clinic feels warmer and more welcoming. This brightens the experience of our patients and makes visiting the clinic much more pleasant.”

“I was at Kembangan to drop off my daughter for her class when I saw that the clinic was open on a Saturday morning. I went in as my foot had been hurting. They were fully booked but I was able to arrange for an appointment for the next day. I’m just here for a review today with Ms. Ari. She has been very sweet and I’m growing used to my custom made insoles that she made for me. It was strange wearing them at first, but they’ve helped a lot with my pain.”  Ms. Cheung, 43.

“I’ve seen their sign previously, but never put much thought into it until I injured my knee a few weeks ago. I decided to visit the clinic one weekend and was very pleased with the service. Dr. Lai may look strict, but he’s quite personable. I’m back for a check up today as he wanted to make sure I was fully recovered.” Mr Nichols, 38.

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