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New Diabetic Foot Clinic in Singapore

Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre is a premier diabetic foot clinic in Asia. Our service employs specialised podiatric methods to achieve accelerated healing of various diabetic foot conditions as well as high-risk diabetic ulcers, for the prevention of lower limb amputations.


“Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre is a dream come true for podiatrists who are passionate about healing diabetic foot ulcers and saving legs from amputation. All treatments are handled by an experienced team of acute care Podiatrists, within a clinical facility fully equipped for diabetic foot care. SDFC operates under evidence-based clinical standards while providing a welcoming and professional setting. SDFC is poised to be a revolutionary start to the end of diabetic foot amputations.” – Georgina Callaghan-Tay, co-founder of Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre


Diabetic Foot Patient | Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre