The International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment Congress 2018

ECP ​​ ​ Thursday, 19 April 2018

Dismal weather did not hinder two of our Podiatrists Benedict Khoo and Louis Loy, from attending ISMST 2018 in the beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. Held annually, the Congress gathers multidisciplinary professionals from around the world to participate in the clinically relevant scientific exchange and discussion. Aside from reviewing cutting-edge research and clinical applications of medical shockwave treatment in regenerative medicine, sports medicine, bone, rehabilitation, wounds, participants were also given opportunities for hands-on training on applying these techniques in clinical settings.

Storz Medical at ISMST Conference | East Coast Podiatry

This year’s Congress included something special as attendees were also invited to participate in the making of a documentary titled: ‘Shockwaves: Destruction to Regenerative Medicine’. The documentary is due to be adapted for broadcast on National Geographic in the near future. Some of the major themes for this year’s symposium focused on the use of shockwave treatment in the following areas – musculoskeletal management & correction, urology, wound management, and aesthetic skin management.

Louis & Ben with Dr Karsten | East Coast Podiatry
Benedict Khoo (leftmost) and Louis Loy (rightmost) with esteem delegates and attendees of ISMST 2018.
ISMST Conference | East Coast Podiatry
Forging new connections with medical professionals from around the world.

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