Trekking with East Coast Podiatry’s Orthotics Support

Victoria Cheng ​​ ​ Friday, 27 October 2017

Congrats Victoria Cheng on your successful climb and making it to the highlands of the beautiful country of #Bhutan! Supporting you always 

P.S. The lady in the picture is not Victoria 😂😂

“Upon reaching one of the most remote villages in Bhutan (3600m), we ascended even higher to document and film the semi-nomadic yak herders (3800+). This time of year, they’re setting up close to the village in preparation for the#HighlandsFestival. This particular family will be located right next to the King when he arrives in a few weeks for the newly launched festival. @bluesky.escapes (Trekking with#EastCoastPodiatry orthotics support, to help prevent any injuries during the 11 hour climb)

Source: Gastronommy

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