Speaking at Victoria Junior College Careers Event

ECP ​​ ​ Tuesday, 23 April 2019

We are delighted that East Coast Podiatry was invited to share about podiatry with students from Victoria Junior College earlier this week. Podiatrist Louis Loy was delighted to speak about his experience as a podiatrist to over a hundred A level students.

Louis offered the students a view into a podiatrist’s daily duties, offering anecdotes from his past to capture their attention and covering valuable information on pre-requisites and instituitions offering podiatry as a course of study.

VJC Careers Event 2019 | Podiatrist Louis Loy Presentation

Concluding the talk by sharing with them the joy he felt at seeing patients make a successful recovery, Louis spoke to the students in a Q&A session conducted after the workshop.

VJC Careers Event 2019 | Podiatrist Louis Loy Q&A

While podiatry has long been a mainstay of Western Medicine, it is has only started making inroads into mainstream consciousness in Singapore. To better help the students understand the role of a podiatrist within an integrated healthcare model, East Coast Podiatry is inviting students to visit our clinics for a hands-on experience with podiatry. We are always pleased to assist schools and encourage students to consider podiatry as their career of choice.

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