Zhi Yong Soo

I had been suffering from an inflamed ingrown toenail on my left big toe for a few years. Finally decided to make an appointment 4 weeks ago to visit a podiatrist, and decided on this place as it’s near my workplace.

The premises in East Coast Podiatry (Orchard) are clean, modern and comfortable. I was assigned to the attending podiatrist Elliot Yeldham who was not only jovial, but professional.

Upon inspecting the injury and after some discussion, I was recommended to undergo a partial nail avulsion with phenolisation (under local anaesthesia). He promptly addressed any questions I had about the procedure, and his friendly demeanor helped to ease any anxiety I had. There was little to no pain throughout the entire procedure, and I was to attend several aftercare appointments to dress the recovering wound.

As of this writing, my toe has pretty much recovered completely. I’m very satisfied with the patient care provided by the entire team. I would also like to express my gratitude to Stephanie, the other podiatrist who provided her assistance during my follow-up wound care visits. And to all the cheerful, diligent staff present who went above and beyond to provide the best customer service.

Would highly recommend this place for the quality of care provided, especially if you are not price conscious. (Do note that the establishment is not Medishield accredited as of writing this review.)

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