I have been wearing insoles from this clinic since 2015 after surgery on my right knee. It has been working well for me. As I recently had surgery on left knee, I came back to make another pair of insoles. My podiatrist Ms Ari Tria did a full assessment on me and designed another pair of insoles specific to my current condition. I also shared with her that I have been experiencing new pain to my lower back and shoulder after the surgery. Ms Ari planned out a new treatment plan for me, this time including EMTT (magnetolith therapy). It is not painful as I thought it would be. In fact, I was very skeptical about it, because I did not feel anything during the treatment. As soon as I did the treatment, when I wake up the next day, the pain to my back was surprisingly less and I can move my shoulder without pain. Now that my treatment is almost over, I am feeling really good. The pain on my knees, shoulder and back has reduced tremendously, and I am amazed at how effective the treatment is. I dont know how the treatment works, but it really works for me. Thank you to Ms Ari and team!

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