Clarissa Lim

Mr Sani is a very professional podiatrist. I came to him with a pain in my toe for more than 4-5 months, pain that was hindering me from running and jumping. It was to the point where it started to hurt even if I stood up for too long. I had visited a TCM as well as a GP, but the treatments were not the most effective and pain came back within a few weeks. When I came in for my consultation, Mr Sani was able to clearly identify the problem and what the best course of treatment was. Although I was initially skeptical because of the steep price point, it was definitely worth it because I saw instant results after the first session. I must say that it did take awhile after 4 shockwave treatments before it fully recovered. But I am glad that I had gone to treat my foot as I’m now able to enjoy my exercise with ease and comfort. The staff and the other podiatrists that I met along the way were very friendly and professional, definitely a great place to get your treatments!

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