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Louis Loy

Podiatrist Louis | East Coast Podiatry


BSc. Hons. Brighton (UK)

Member of U.K. Healthcare Professions Council and Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: Sarawak, Malaysia

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese

Clinical Interests: Paediatric Cases, Sports Related Injuries, Heel Pain

Speciality: Ingrown Toenail Surgery, Verrucae Warts, Prescription Shoe Insoles for Children

Consults at: Kembangan branch



Louis graduated in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Brighton (UK), with clinical experience in King’s College Hospital London, Surrey Community Hospital and Leaf Hospital Eastbourne. Louis is also one of the pioneer podiatrists of East Coast Podiatry.



After his training in the U.K., Louis moved to Singapore to assume the role of resident podiatrist at Orchard Clinic. During his time at Orchard Clinic, Louis saw mostly paediatric cases for foot and leg alignment issues, his everyday clinical cases encompasses school children from local or expat communities with basic concerns such as flat feet to complex sports injuries.


In 2015 Louis joined East Coast Podiatry and continues his practice in his home ground at ECPC Kembangan branch. Louis is currently a Singaporean PR and plans to settle here in Singapore where he will continue to serve the local community for a very long time. He remains a very sought after foot specialist amongst families in the East Coast region of Singapore.


As an avid athlete, Louis enjoys a fast racquet sport like badminton, which requires good hand-eye coordination coupled with strong footwork on the court. The quick burst of movements and rapid change of directions makes a sport like tennis or badminton a much higher risk of ankle or knee injury. Louis’s clinical interest is the study of prevention and conservative treatment options using Podiatric medicine for sports injuries here in Singapore.


Louis is a strong advocate of sports and fitness training. His interest in sports medicine prompted him to explore many conservative treatment strategies for injured athletes who are trying to avoid eventual surgery.


Sports injuries that Louis treats most commonly are the plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendinopathy and stress fractures.


“Sport is a form of art that requires body and mind coordination, much akin to meditation. Sports done incorrectly can lead to permanent injuries early in life, but done correctly will lead to a long healthy life.”


Paediatric foot conditions that Louis concentrates on include flat feet (pes planus), knock-knees (genu valgum), pigeon toes (metatarsus adductus and/or tibial torsion) and scoliosis (from lower limb influence).


Louis believes that the key to having a healthy child is by being pro-active with the child’s foot-health from young. He emphasises that parents should be attentive to any signs and symptoms related to lower limb conditions while the child is still growing.