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Lewis with Podiatrist Team at Novena | East Coast Podiatry

I have been extremely fortunate to spend my Year 3 Podiatry placement at East Coast Podiatry Centre (ECPC) Singapore. During this one-month internship, I have thoroughly enjoyed working as part of the excellent podiatry team at ECPC and found the learning experience to be very rewarding and beneficial to my clinical practice.

Lewis during Clinical Discussions | East Coast Podiatry

During my internship at ECPC I have been able to develop my personal confidence and communication skills by presenting weekly case studies to the Podiatry team and taking part in clinical discussions. This process of peer reflection allows personal development and knowledge sharing among the team which is a skill that will provide value throughout my career.

Lewis and Chantelle Internship | East Coast Podiatry

My second week of internship at ECPC involved a full day staff CPD workshop on Lower Extremity Basic Ultrasound and application. I thoroughly enjoyed this professional development training. Prior to visiting ECPC I have had very limited exposure to diagnostic ultrasound.

The experience was very detailed and consisted of factual information, how to correctly set up the system based on which application it was being used for, normalised ranges for specific applications such as the interpretation of vascular status and arteriole stenosis ratios. The practical workshops allowed me to use diagnostic ultrasound practically for the first time and with guidance from the senior podiatrist team at ECPC, I was able to accurately operate the Diagnostic Ultrasound machine and identify pathology in a volunteer.

Interns assessing patient's foot | East Coast Podiatry

This strategy of weekly staff training and education sessions at ECPC is like no other private practice and ensures that the Podiatry Team at ECPC is familiar with the most up to date treatment modalities and research developments around podiatric medicine. Most importantly this means that patients who visit ECPC receive the highest quality of care, based on the latest scientific research, ensuring optimal patient outcomes are achieved.

Afnan assisting Lewis | East Coast Podiatry

My internship at ECPC was spread across the four of East Coast Podiatry’s clinics in Singapore which allowed me to experience the working styles or each podiatrist within the team and gain knowledge from each podiatrist particular area of focus and background. This included observing treatment of the High-risk diabetic foot, Sports Podiatry and Paediatric cases.

Podiatrist helping Interns | East Coast Podiatry

I was able to take part in a Podiatry team workshop on Casting techniques which included expert demonstration and hands-on practical experience supervised by Clinical Tutor Sani Kamis and the Practice’s Principal Dr. Michael Lai. This allowed me to elaborate on the training I received at the University of Huddersfield and put the theories into clinical practice.

Lewis with Benedict | East Coast Podiatry

My experience of podiatry prior to Internship at ECPC, has been public (NHS) based in the UK. The opportunity to undertake internship at ECPC has allowed me to gain an insight into the world of podiatry within private practice and how this differentiates from public podiatry. Patients who attend ECPC receive a fully tailored, personal, podiatry experience that is fully comprehensive and of the highest quality.

This quality centred service has allowed me to observe consultation techniques and assessment methods used, to accurately assess and diagnose pathology. This often includes the use of technology such as 3D Foot scanners and applications that allows patient education to become visual and interactive. Access to the latest technology in podiatric care and treatment modalities means that results are achieved effectively and to the highest standard.

Lewis and Chantelle during Company Outing | East Coast Podiatry

Furthermore, undertaking internship in Asia has allowed me to observe and understand cultural differences in specific patient demographics and the podiatric implications of this. For example, in the Asian demographic there is a high rate of patients who suffer from Hypermobility in the joints of the foot. Also, inflammatory arthritic conditions such as Gout have an increased prevalence in the Asian demographic. By observing and engaging in clinical discussion amongst the podiatry team at ECPC I have gained a greater awareness of podiatric implication of cultural differences which I would never have been exposed to if I had not completed an internship within ECPC.

In summary, my Internship at East Coast Podiatry Centre has provided me with a fantastic learning opportunity and given me invaluable experience that will impact my podiatric practice from this point forward.

DUS Workshop | East Coast Podiatry

My time at ECPC has allowed me to experience the Highest level of patient care delivered by a team of Podiatrist who strives for excellence. I feel inspired and motivated to elevate my skills, to the level of those possessed by the team at East Coast Podiatry. I would encourage future podiatry students to embrace this fantastic personal development opportunity with open arms and experience the pinnacle of private podiatry practice.

Lewis Nurney
Year 3 Podiatry Student
The University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

3rd April 2018

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