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Nail Care

Routine Nail Cutting

We understand that as we age everyday, tasks become more difficult.


Common problems patients encounter are eyesight diminishing, mobility, strength and memory reduced.


It is very difficult for a patient to fully care for their lower limb needs.


What can a podiatrist do for me?

Podiatrists can assess your toenail concerns, perform nail treatments and advise you on what is best for long-term care.


We work with you to come to the best outcome in helping you manage your lower limbs.


In Singapore, teenagers often trim their nails too short or avoid cutting them all together. As they are often involved in sports and other activities, foot and nail injuries tend to be ignored and complications develop over time.


Avoid causing harm or infection around the nails by seeking professional toenail treatments by qualified Podiatrists.

Nail Care

Nails often show signs of our health; often they show signs of the presence or onset of system diseases. For this reason, it is important to have your nails checked if you are worried about nails changing shape i.e. thickening, convex or concave nail, nails changing colour such as darkening, redness, fungal nails or black colouration. surrounding nail becoming red, inflamed, swollen, pus or exudate coming out, bumps or holes in the nail plate often called pitting, crumbling and soft nails, ingrown toenails that cause pain or swelling around the toe, trauma to your toenails or your toenails are coming off.


Many nail conditions can be treated with advice, cream/medication or a small procedure involving partial or total removal of the nail.


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