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Prescription Shoe Insoles
Hand Made Customised Foot Orthotics


The Right Specialist for Customised Foot Orthotics

Always ask for a Podiatrist when deciding on Prescription Shoe Insoles. Clinical knowledge and experience makes the difference between success in recovery and deformities caused by aggravation of a painful condition.

Selecting Only The Best Materials For You
Premium Caledonian Cranberry Leather

100% Genuine Leather of the United Kingdom

Every Orthotic is Unique

No two feet are the same, and your feet are certainly different from everyone else. Your prescription orthotic is designed specifically to your foot type and body condition. Our intricate process ensures every device is a quality product.

The East Coast Podiatry Process

“We can either compete on price or compete on quality. It is always easy to lower prices, but it is tremendously difficult to raise quality. We chose to compete on quality”

Jevon Tay
CEO, East Coast Podiatry
Prescription Foot Orthotics

$1,580 for the first pair of prescription orthotics (inclusive of Professional Prescription Design Process & Monitoring Program)

$380 for subsequent pairs of prescription orthotics
*prices before GST

Professional Prescription Design Process & Monitoring Program

✓ Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Assessment
✓ Advanced Biomechanics Gait Analysis
✓ 3D Foot Scan & Explanation
✓ Prescription Design
✓ 1 year Warranty on Adjustments (1.5 years for children below 16 years)
✓ 5 years Warranty on Defects / Breakage (up to 2 exchanges)

Follow up appointments:
- Review footwear for orthotics fabrication
- Fitting of orthotics
- 1st month review
- 6th month review
- 12th month review
- 18th month review (for children below 16 years)