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Our Podiatrists

Georgina J. Callaghan-Tay

Director & Senior Podiatrist
BSc. Hons. Salford (UK)
Member of UK HCPC and the Podiatry Association of Singapore

Mrs. Georgina Callaghan-Tay is the co-founder and co-owner of East Coast Podiatry Centres and Orchard Clinic. With her former Principal Podiatrist and mentor from Singapore General Hospital Dr. Michael Lai, they oversee the clinical aspect of East Coast Podiatry’s group practice. Georgina holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in the field of Podiatry from the University of Salford U.K.


She has a passion for paediatrics and special needs children amongst seeing the daily cases of common symptoms and pains that present in the lower limbs.


Georgina maintains a special interest in ingrown toenail surgery, customised foot orthotics, forefoot pain (sesamoiditis), and fungal toenails.


Georgina has worked with the U.K. National Health Services before moving to Singapore to serve in Singapore’s esteemed Singapore General Hospital (tertiary care setting) where she worked and trained under Dr. Michael Lai. She has also worked within the community and primary care setting at National Healthcare Group of Polyclinics (NHGP) where she assisted in setting up and running the new high risk lower limb services whilst active in public awareness campaigns.


During her years in Singapore she has gained ample experience with the local common medical conditions, specifically with rheumatological conditions, paediatrics, orthotics, nail surgery, fractures, diabetics and lower limb aches and pains.


Georgina actively contributes to the industry through workshops, road-shows, community events and writing articles for platforms including ‘Just Run Lah’ and ‘Asian Parent’. In private practice Georgina continues her community work leading her team to participate in pro-bono screenings and treatments for the less fortunate and residents of the old folks homes.


Georgina remains a licensed and registered member of the UK Health Professions Council (HCPC) and the Podiatry Association of Singapore (PAS).

Dr. Michael Lai, DPM

Principal Podiatrist
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. NYCPM (USA)
Member of the Podiatry Association of Singapore

Dr. Michael Lai is the first, and currently only, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) practicing in Singapore.  A DPM is a Podiatrist who received his doctorate and training in the United States.


Dr. Lai graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine ( in 1999.  From 1999 to 2007, he worked and trained as a resident doctor in various major hospitals and clinic centres in the USA: The Foot Clinics of New York, St. John’s Episcopal

Hospital, St. Vincent’s Catholic Medial Centre, and the VA New Jersey Health Care System (federal medical centre serving American military veterans).  He also trained in a surgical fellowship under distinguished podiatrists who taught as clinical professors at the Yale University School of Medicine.


Dr. Lai arrived in Singapore in 2009.  For 6 years he served as a Senior Podiatrist, and then Principal Podiatrist, at Singapore General Hospital (  He was active in patient care, the training of new podiatrists, as well as public health administrative duties.


Dr. Lai was recognized for his service with multiple SGH service quality awards.  While working in SGH, he also appeared in TV and radio interviews, wrote articles on foot care for Singaporean newspapers, and lectured at healthcare conferences and seminars.


Since 2015, Dr. Lai has joined East Coast Podiatry Centre as its Principal Podiatrist, adding his wealth of experience to our team of foot specialists.

Louis Loy

General Podiatrist
BSc. Hons. Brighton (UK)
Member of UK HCPC and the Podiatry Association of Singapore

Louis graduated Podiatric Medicine from the University of Brighton (UK). His clinical experience includes King’s College Hospital London, Surrey Community Hospital and Leaf Hospital Eastbourne. In Singapore, he was with Orchard Clinic where he worked closely with Mount Elizabeth podiatry.


Currently, Louis practices at East Coast Podiatry Centre where he treats a variety of lower limb complications such as knee pain, heel pain, flat foot, ingrown toenail and fungal nail infection. Being the furthest away from the body, the foot is often neglected and many are unaware that this will lead to other musculoskeletal problems or even skin and nails condition.


Louis is often seen in podiatric seminars and workshops locally and overseas to gain the latest treatment modalities for foot pathology. He firmly believes that a good treatment must be backed up with good evidence and the clinician’s skill. Only through this, patient is able to enjoy the most up-to-date and effective treatment, and most importantly a shorter recovery period.


A good work life balance is vital for the mind and body. Especially for Louis, doing sports like badminton is one of the many good ways to spend the weekend. Badminton is undoubtedly the fastest racquet sport and it requires a strong hand-eye coordination coupled with good footwork on court. Regardless of any sports, injury is one unavoidable and it can be very troublesome. Being a sport enthusiast himself, Louis’s interest in sports medicine allows him to explore many conservative treatment for athletes who are trying to avoid invasive procedure.


Other than sports injury, a big part of Louis’s practice involves in treating children’s foot condition (Podopaediatrics). He emphasizes a lot on children’s foot health and parents should look out for any signs and symptoms related to lower limb while their child is growing. Typical paediatric lower limb condition involve flat feet (pes planus), knock knees (genu valgum), bow leg (genu varum), pigeon toes (metatarsus adductus) and toe walking. These conditions should be treated early before further complications arise in the future.

Emily Mah

General Podiatrist
BSc. Hons. Southhampton (UK)
Member of UK HCPC and the Podiatry Association of Singapore

Emily was an outstanding graduate from the University of Southampton (UK). She was awarded her Bachelors of Science with First Class Honours, and was a proud recipient of the Dean’s List Award for Outstanding Achievement for two consecutive years.


Her extensive training and work experience includes various hospitals and community clinics in the United Kingdom under the National Health Service (NHS).


During her internships, Emily worked in various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the USA. This has provided her with a well-balanced understanding of local as well as foreign foot-types and the common ailments that entail.


As a former dancer and competitive gymnast herself, Emily is no stranger to diagnosing and treating dance and sports injuries. Her previous experience allows her to tailor one’s treatment plan to suit recreational or professional athletes. Commonly treated conditions include heel pain, Achilles injuries and Shin Splints.


Emily is also a firm advocate for skin and nail health. She is aware that many neglect these two aspects of their health. The skin is anatomically the largest organ in the body and she believes that treatment is imperative for medical and aesthetic purposes. As a lower limb specialist, she effectively addresses her patients’ concerns regarding cellulite, stretch marks, ingrown and fungal toenails.


Out of the office, she enjoys eating healthy, yoga, pilates, swimming and scuba diving. She is also often seen in high heels and ballet flats because she believes that when they are worn with the right type of support; hammertoes, bunions and neuromas can be prevented.

Kerry Z. Seaman

General Podiatrist
BSc. (Hons) Glasgow (UK)
Member of UK HCPC, SCPOD and the Podiatry Association of Singapore

Kerry received her Undergraduate degree from Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK. She completed 4 years of Podiatric training within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde but also had opportunities to practice outside of the UK.


In 2014, she completed a placement in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the Centre for the Paralysed where she gained insightful knowledge and exposure within Spinal cord injuries, Paediatrics, Neurology and wound care.


In her spare time, Kerry volunteered as a Podiatrist with Special Olympics Ireland within the Healthy Athlete Programme “Fit feet” and had the opportunity to work at the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014. In 2012, she also had the opportunity to do a placement with Ireland’s leading Orthotic clinic, Firefly.


With experience within both NHS, private and the volunteer sector Kerry has an excellent exposure to all healthcare settings. She is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK and a registrant of the Health & Care Professions Council. In her spare time she likes Cooking, Hiking (she trekked through the Himalayas last year), swimming and Reading.  She finds her role as Podiatrist and lower limb expert very rewarding, patient interaction uplifting and likes that no day in clinic is the same.

Benedict Khoo

General Podiatrist
BSc (Hons). Aust. QUT
Member of the APodA (QLD), AAPSM and the Podiatry Association of Singapore

Benedict is a Singaporean who graduated in Queensland University of Technology, Australia with a Bachelor of Podiatry with honours. Prior to returning to Singapore, he had spent a few years working in several places in Australia, which included both the public hospital and as well as several private practices.


Benedict often see a lot of people who have pain in their feet or flat footed. Most of these people often have other treatments prior to visiting a podiatrist and they have tried many therapies which did not work. He noticed that there is a lack of awareness in podiatry for many people. He believes that if there is more awareness of podiatry in Singapore, lower limb conditions can be addressed much earlier and these people do not need to go for many treatments with little or no results.


Benedict has a special interest in biomechanics and sports podiatry. He had attended many seminars and workshops relating to biomechanics and he also reads up on the latest research available as well. He is interested in exploring different therapies to aid in the recovery process, such as ultrasound therapy and shockwave therapy. In the future, Benedict hopes to explore other therapies, such as dry needling and foot mobilisation, and to see their effectiveness in rehabilitation and helping patients to quicken their recovery process.


Benedict also notice that many people do not regularly check their feet and often the feet is forgotten. As Singapore is a tropical and humid country, fungal infections on the feet and toenails and warts can be easily spread and grow quickly. He hopes to raise more awareness in the importance of checking the skin on the feet to prevent the growth of fungus and warts.


Benedict is registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia to practice as a podiatrist. He is a member with the podiatry association in Queensland, Australia and Singapore.


In his free time, Benedict enjoys eating local food. He also likes to jog and he has interest in archery.

Dr. Cheng Shin Chuen

Consultant Surgeon Vascular & Endovascular Surgery
Adj Asst. Professor Dept. of Surgery NUS
MBBS (Hons) (UNSW)

Dr. Cheng Shin Chuen is a General Surgeon with subspecialty interest in Vascular Ultrasound, Vascular and Endovascular procedures.


Dr. Cheng read Medicine at the University of New South Wales and completed his specialist training in General Surgery in Singapore in 2006. He did his Endovascular fellowship at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney as a Senior Clinical Fellow in 2007.


Prior to private practice, Dr. Cheng was the Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Services at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and Associate Program Director of General Surgery Training. He was awarded the inaugural Nanyang Technological University-National Healthcare Group Seed Innovation Grant in 2011 for his research in Vascular Imaging.


Dr. Cheng’s main clinical interest is in limiting the debilitating side effects of diabetes in patients, especially pertaining to Amputation prevention and Major Amputation prevention (Below-Knee or Above-Knee Amputation) and minimally invasive treatment for vein disorders (varicose veins).


Dr. Cheng maintains a special interest in partnering primary care physicians in Peripheral Vascular Disease screening with the use of Vascular Ultrasound Imaging.


Specialty & Treatment


  • Vascular Ultrasound (e.g. Deep Vein Thrombosis exclusion scans)
  • (“Ballooning”) Angioplasty and Stenting procedures for blocked leg arteries
  • Bypass surgery for blocked leg arteries
  • Stenting Procedure for Aortic Aneurysm
  • Surgery for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Varicose Veins and “Spider Veins” Treatment with Minimally Invasive methods
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis Management