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Our Management Team

East Coast Podiatry is committed to pursuing excellence in Podiatry by paving the way in Singapore’s lower limb healthcare, through shaping the profession after the gold standards set out by our founding podiatrists.


The Management Committee strives to promote widespread availability of quality lower limb care through supporting our Podiatrists in Singapore.


We are fully committed to monitoring the adherence of our practice culture to our principles and core values. A major part of our management’s role and responsibility is to establish a well-supported and sustainable platform for our clinicians’ professional advancement in their field of practice and research.


The management continues to set strategies for awareness and promotion of Podiatry as the ideal care for the lower extremities. We drive towards clinical excellence in order to offer our patients an outstanding level of care and service.


Jevon TAY

Chairman & CEO

Melvyn LIM

Director & COO


Director & HOD

Javier TAY

Director & Ops. Manager

Michael Lai DPM | East Coast Podiatry

Dr. Michael LAI

Clinical Director

CHNG Siwei

Marketing Manager

Sani Kamis | East Coast Podiatry


Head of Academic Affairs


Head of Podo Paediatrics