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Afnan Al Maskari


BSc. Hons. Cardiff (UK)

Member of the U.K. Healthcare Professions Council


From: Oman

Spoken Languages: English, Arabic

Clinical Interests: Paediatric Podiatry, Bunions, Heel Pain, Sports Injuries

Consults at: Orchard & Kembangan branches




Afnan is a registered podiatrist in the UK and Singapore. She graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) with first class Honours in podiatry and is a proud recipient of the TalarMade Award of Endeavour in Podiatry.


Afnan is from the country of Oman, she moved to the UK for her University studies where she undertook podiatry training in Wales before relocating to Singapore to join East Coast Podiatry.

Afnan enjoys working with patients and her experience in dealing with patients from different backgrounds has encouraged her to take on challenging cases. She is dedicated to improving her patients’ quality of life and believes that every patient is unique.  This has made podiatry an enjoyable and rewarding profession for her.



Afnan has experienced both NHS and private podiatry clinical settings throughout her undergraduate studies. Her exposure to wound and diabetic foot care in the UK and the Middle East has given her the interest to develop her podiatric knowledge and abilities to help raise public awareness.


During her time in Singapore, Afnan has experienced many aspects of podiatry and treated a wide range of lower limb and musculoskeletal conditions. Dealing with patients from different backgrounds and age groups, from toddlers to the elderly, from athletes to disabled patients. Her clinical practice relies on working closely with other healthcare professions and medical specialists to provide the best clinical outcomes for her patients.




Paediatric Podiatry

“Paediatric cases can be challenging, and require a different consultation approach and personality that is different from dealing with adults.  Formulating a treatment plan for children relies on attention to detail and a well-rounded approach.  Early diagnosis and correction of foot pathologies such as flat feet and juvenile bunions can prevent future foot complications.”



“Most people don’t have perfect feet.  I’m no exception. I’ve had bunions since I was young.  At first they never hurt, but they eventually became uncomfortable after I started practicing boxing and yoga.  The bunions looked like they were getting worse.  It was through my understanding of biomechanics that I’m able to treat my own feet, and continue my activities while wearing the shoes I like.”


Heel Pain

“Plantar fasciitis is often neglected or treated insufficiently. Most of the cases I see are chronic with worsening pain. Many patients had an incomplete treatment plan which affected the patient’s daily activities and continued to aggravate the injury, causing the condition to deteriorate.”


Sports Injuries

“Singaporeans are quite active, and our clinic sees a lot of sports injuries.  A common mistake is people often neglect stretching and warming up before training.  I suffered from a knee injury previously and understand the urge of returning to activities as soon as possible.  I achieve this for my athlete patients through advanced therapies.  I also make sure they understand the injury; patient education plays a big role in recovery and wellness maintenance.”



Afnan loves great coffee, greens and being active. She enjoys the outdoors and great nature of Singapore, with walks at the Botanic Gardens or hiking at the MacRitchie trail.  She likes travelling, exploring new places and experiences, or simply enjoys spending some of her time with children and taking care of her plants. She also appreciates reading a book and drinking black coffee from her favourite coffee shop.