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Benedict Khoo


BSc. (Hons). Aust. QUT

Member of Australian Podiatry Association (QLD)


From: Singapore

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

Consults at: Novena branch



Benedict graduated with honours from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. His clinical experience within several Podiatric healthcare settings in Australia, which included both the public sector and as well as several private sectors.



Benedict has a special interest in biomechanics and sports podiatry, particularly injuries sustained by servicemen during National Service. Having served in the Singapore Armed Forces, Benedict understands the high incidence of injuries to the lower limbs related to it. He frequently sees National Servicemen who come into the clinic for flat feet and heel pain. He hopes to raise more awareness for these injuries and the preventative measures before the injuries occur.


His clinical interest is in optimising modern therapies which aides in patient’s recovery process, focusing his practice on conservative treatment options with the particular use of Radial and Focal type Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy.


Benedict’s daily patient cases are the everyday people who have various types of feet pain or are flat-footed. He concentrates his treatment methods around intricately designed foot orthoses, shockwave therapy and footwear customisation.


Benedict enjoys having a meal at the local coffee shop. He jogs and plays badminton regularly and he has a special interest in Archery and Badminton.


Benedict remains a licensed and registered clinician with the Podiatry Board of Australia and the Podiatry Association in Queensland, Australia.