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Chantelle Crossland



BSc. Hons.
Member of: U.K. Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)


From: England, United Kingdom
Spoken Languages: English
Clinical Interests: Sports injuries and ankle pain



Chantelle is a registered podiatrist in the UK and Singapore who graduated from Huddersfield University (UK) with a first class honours in podiatry. She is also a registered member of the Health and Care Professionals Council.


From a young age, Chantelle was fascinated in science. She took an interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body and the complexities of the healing process, being particularly intrigued by how the body knows where and how to heal. To help improve her understanding, she undertook multiple work experiences in different sectors of the healthcare industry.  She found podiatry to be the most rewarding and grew to appreciate the importance of foot health and care after her first-hand exposure to the impact podiatrists have on their patients’ lives.



Having suffered a serious ligament injury when she was a child, Chantelle understands the importance of utilising the right healing therapies and preventative care to alleviate future problems like overuse injuries. She believes in incorporating the newest developments with traditionally successful methods to ensure that her patients enjoy the swiftest possible recovery.


Due to her experience as a patient, Chantelle understands that patient education is critical for achieving positive treatment outcomes from a young age. As a result, she chose to focus her research studies on the relationship between healthcare advice and compliance and its impact on treatment outcomes for diabetic patients. Her findings highlighted the importance of this relationship and she now strives to ensure every one of her patients understands and complies with their treatment plan.


Her clinical practice in private and NHS clinics has provided Chantelle with the skills in dealing with a wide range of conditions, while her experience as a patient has taught her how to successfully reach out and connect with patients of all ages.




Plantar fasciitis/heel pain

“One of the most common conditions we see in clinic is plantar fasciitis. As an endurance runner and netball player, I too have experienced this problem. The biggest obstacle to treating this condition is that patients often ignore it as they think it is ‘normal’ to experience discomfort after exercise. Instead of addressing the issue, they allow it to worsen and only seek medical attention when the pain is unbearable. While some may choose to stop or reduce their level of physical exercise, I wanted to continue at my normal pace, so I had to consider a different approach when it came to maintaining my foot health.”


Paediatric Podiatry

“The new paediatric expansion at my resident clinic now allows to me to see more young patients. Although they can be challenging, I have always enjoyed working with children. Treating children is an important part of my practice as early diagnosis and conservative intervention can play a part in preventing pain when the child is older.”



In her spare time, Chantelle is a keen traveller who has visited multiple countries around Europe and Asia. Her passion for travel has given her a love for interacting with new people and gaining life experiences amongst different cultures.


When she is not keeping active, Chantelle also enjoys exploring different aspects of life in Singapore and experiencing the multicultural delights of the nation.