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Chantelle Crossland


BSc. Hons. Huddersfield (UK)
Member of: U.K Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)


From: England, United Kingdom
Spoken Languages: English
Clinical Interests: Sports injuries and biomechanics



Chantelle graduated from the University of Huddersfield, UK with a First-Class Honours degree in Podiatry. She is also a registered member of the Health and Care Professionals Council.



From a young age, Chantelle was fascinated in the anatomy and physiology of the human body and the complexities of the healing process. Before deciding on her degree in Podiatry, she undertook multiple work experiences in different sectors of the healthcare industry where she found podiatry to be the most rewarding. After this first-hand experience on the impact podiatrists have on their patient’s lives, Chantelle grew to appreciate the importance of foot health and care.


Practicing in private and NHS clinics provided Chantelle with experience in dealing with a wide range of conditions and highlighted the importance of patient understanding and education. Due to this, Chantelle chose to focus her research on the impact the relationship between healthcare advice and compliance had on treatment outcomes for diabetic patients. Her findings underscored the importance of communication between patient and practitioner. Consequently, she thrives to ensure her patients understand and comply with treatment in order to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.


Her interest in endurance running and keeping fit has also informed Chantelle’s practice as she understands the need for ensuring correct and adequate support when partaking in various sports. In addition, she believes that early intervention and preventive care helps to alleviate future issues such as overuse injuries as these are very common among athletes. Looking to combine her interest in treatments with rapid healing effects, Chantelle aims to help patients recover from sports injuries as well as acute issues using the latest technologies available. She seeks to improve their overall quality of life as quickly as possible.


In her spare time, Chantelle is a keen traveller who has visited multiple countries around Europe and several in Asia. Her passion for travel has given her a love for interacting with new people and gaining life experiences in different cultures.