Jackie Tey

Jackie TEY, BPod (Hons.)

English, Mandarin
Clinical Interests: Lower limb musculoskeletal and sports injuries • Diabetic foot • Paediatrics

Jackie is a recipient of MOH Holdings’ Health Science and Nursing Scholarship for Podiatry in 2013 and began his podiatry career at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) followed by a stint at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH). During his time serving in public healthcare, he was heavily involved in multidisciplinary care and worked closely with the Orthopaedic surgeons, Vascular Surgeons and Endocrinologists in treating patients with complex diabetic foot complications. He was also involved in clinical research to help improve care delivery and patient outcomes. His passion and genuine care earned him recognition and awards during his time at SKH.

Jackie has a strong interest in lower limb biomechanics and sports injuries. His interest in these areas was led by his experience in competitive basketball, hockey, and volleyball. These experiences have also given him a keen ability to relate to patients with sports injuries and the first-hand experience to treat them effectively.

Jackie graduated with First Class Honours in Podiatry from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. Due to his outstanding academic achievements, he was awarded the Faculty of Health Executive Dean’s Commendation List every semester. He has also been awarded the Charles W Graves Award for Orthotics and Leonard K Claxton Award for Clinical Studies by the Australian Podiatry Association and is a Clinical Fellow at QUT.

Lower limb musculoskeletal and sports injuries

“Since young, I have been taking part in competitive sports and therefore have first-hand experience of how minor injuries can have a huge impact on your performance. Before I started studying podiatry, I shared the mentality of many of my patients; time would heal the pain and I was unaware that even small injuries could lead to chronic pain in long-term. Therefore, I believe that it is my duty to educate my patients and initiate treatments early, especially treatment specific to their sports requirements in order to ensure that they perform at their best and meet their goals as soon as possible”.

Diabetic foot

“Singapore has one of the highest diabetes-related lower extremity amputations globally and it is expected that the number of people suffering from diabetes will continue to increase in the years to come. I have seen many cases of amputation ranging from toe to above-knee amputations and have treated many diabetic foot ulcers as a podiatrist. Being exposed to these cases has led to my interest in developing a better wound treatment plan for my patients. I also have a keen interest in integrating lower limb biomechanics into diabetic foot ulcer treatment, so as to provide effective offloading devices to help my patients heal quicker and prevent ulcers from recurring”.


“My interest in paediatrics comes from my passion for lower limb biomechanics. Children’s feet are different from adults, their bones and joints are still in a developmental stage and therefore certain conditions require intervention before the child has fully developed. As young children often have difficulty expressing their pains and problems, it is therefore important for me to conduct close observation and assessment to identify the problems. There are also several underlying neurological and congenital conditions that can affect how children walk, and podiatrists are able to pick up and refer to a specialist for early intervention”.

  • General treatments (incl. scalpel work for wound debridement)
  • Shockwave Therapy (radial, focused)
  • Prescription Shoe Insoles (foot orthotics)
  • Prescription Ankle Foot Orthotics (for conditions such as drop foot)
  • Nail Surgery (minimal invasive technique with phenolisation)
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanning
  • Sports Taping

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