Lewis Nurney

Lewis Nurney, BSc (Hons.)

Senior Podiatrist & Deput Head of Department
  • Vice Treasurer of the Association of Podiatric Medicine (Singapore)
  • Registered with the U.K. Health & Care Professions Council
Clinical Interests: Sports Injuries / Fungal Nail / Achilles Injuries

Lewis is a clinician whose own experiences with sports injuries has allowed him to develop a keen interest in treating such injuries. After a successful encounter with podiatric treatment for football-related sports injuries, he empathises closely with such patients and their specific needs.

Lewis’ clinical approach focuses on utilising modern treatment techniques to get his patients back on their feet with minimal downtime. To accomplish this goal, he is deeply passionate about developing his professional skills and pushing himself to improve his skillset and expand his knowledge base.

Originally from Yorkshire, England, Lewis graduated from the University of Huddersfield (UK) with first-class honours in Podiatry. He is also trained and certified in medical shockwave applications by the International Society of Medical Shockwave Treatments.

Performance Sports

“Many of my patients are high performance athletes from a wide range backgrounds who regularly participate in a variety of sports. Such athletes often present challenging cases that require specific attention to detail in order to maximise performance and minimise downtime in order to be ready for the next big event.”

High Arch Foot

“A high arch foot is very common amongst individuals with Caucasian backgrounds, and I am no exception. I noticed a high arch at a young age, but it didn’t cause me any problems until I began to exercise regularly and take part in sports such as football, running and going to the gym. People with high arches can develop various problems at the forefoot and rearfoot. As for myself, I suffered a plantar plate injury after increasing my exercise routine. By incorporating my understanding of biomechanics into my insole design, I was able to resolve my injury and prevent it from reoccurring.”

Fungal Nail Infection

“The hot and humid climate in Singapore and the surrounding region provides the perfect environment for fungal nail infections to thrive. However, fungal nail infections in Singapore are frequently neglected or insufficiently treated due to a lack of knowledge regarding treatment options. This means that patients often ignore the condition for months or even years until it begins to cause them greater discomfort or impact on their lives. With the right treatment plan and correct advice, fungal nail infections can be quickly and effectively treated.”

Growing up in the U.K. just outside Leeds. Lewis has a passion for motorsports and great coffee and loves any opportunity to be involved in these areas. He also enjoys connecting with people from around the world and can often be found enjoying a podcast or looking up travel experiences on social media.

Lewis remains a licensed clinician with the U.K. HCPC and registered with the Ministry of Health of Singapore.

Long-distance running is extremely hard on the body, particularly the lower extremities and it is common for marathoners to experience injuries even while training. Watch to find out how Lewis helped Georgia Caney address her low arch feet and help her prepare for marathons.

Flat foot vs. High Arch Foot – which is a bigger problem? Both of these are types of feet that you may be born with and certain individuals may even have a flat foot on one side and a high arch foot on the other. Find out more about these issues and the possible conditions they may cause with podiatrist Lewis Nurney.

  • General treatments (incl. scalpel work for wound debridement)
  • Shockwave Therapy (radial, focused)
  • Prescription Shoe Insoles (foot orthotics)
  • Prescription Ankle Foot Orthotics (for conditions such as drop foot)
  • Nail Surgery (minimal invasive technique with phenolisation)
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanning
  • Sports Taping
  • Hons. Podiatry Medicine
  • Advanced Medical Shockwave Application (Focused & Radial) ISMST
  • Advanced Shockwave Application for fascia conditions
  • Advanced clinical assessments for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Advanced Applications of Super Inductive System for treatment of lower and upper body pains
  • Treating drop foot and ankle deformity conditions with ankle foot orthoses
  • Sport Taping for stabilisation and increasing mobile function
  • Techniques on advance biomechanics assessment
  • Diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Sports Medicine
  • Vascular Conditions of the lower extremity
  • Orthopaedic related conditions
  • Wound Healing
  • Orthotics design

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