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Louis Loy

East Coast Podiatry Podiatrist | Louis Loy

Louis Loy


BSc. Hons.

Member of the U.K. Healthcare Professions Council


From: Sarawak, Malaysia

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese

Clinical Interests: Paediatric Cases, Plantar Fasciitis (Painful Heels)

Speciality: Paediatric Walking Disorders, Nail Surgery

Consults at: Kembangan branch




Louis is a registered podiatrist in Singapore and a member of the Health and Care Professions Council in the UK.


Louis qualified in podiatric medicine from the University of Brighton before relocating to Singapore to practice. Over the course of his study, Louis received extensive training and gathered clinical experience in various hospitals and community clinics in the United Kingdom. He has had opportunities to work with various specialised departments at hospitals, including the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) for diabetic limb salvage, musculoskeletal team for sports injuries, and podiatric surgical team for foot and ankle surgery.


In private practice, Louis focuses on treating common foot injuries and persistent foot pain cases as well as paediatric walking abnormalities. Louis is also an ISMST certified clinician for Radial Wave and Focused Shockwave Treatments and is also trained in Foot Mobilisation treatment techniques.


Common Injuries

As an avid athlete, Louis’s personal interest in sports and fitness has led him to become increasingly concerned by the increased number of sports injuries he is seeing during clinical practice. As a result, Louis constantly explores different prevention and treatment strategies for injured athletes, particularly for those seeking alternatives to surgery. Such injuries can occur to any individual, regardless of fitness and training, but are often caused by neglecting proper stretching before and after exercise.


“The growing popularity of races in Singapore has led to an increase in related injuries. High intensity events can also cause various conditions to develop, and it is common for me to see more patients with sports injuries such as heel pain, Achilles injury, shin splints and runner’s knee after major races and marathons. My own experience with such injuries allows me to empathise with patients, allowing me to diagnose and treat such conditions more efficiently and effectively.”


Paediatric Foot & Postural Issues

Louis’s gentle demeanour and patience for kids makes him highly sought after by parents. Consequently, he sees many paediatric cases, treating children for postural and walking issues to seeing teenagers for trauma and sports injuries.


Louis firmly believes that the key to having a healthy child is being pro-active with the child’s foot health from a young age. “By addressing foot and lower limb conditions at the earlier stages of a child’s growth, we can help prevent more serious conditions from developing. That’s why it’s important for parents to be attentive to any signs and symptoms related to lower limb conditions while the child is still growing.”


Paediatric foot conditions that Louis specializes in include flat feet (pes planus), knock-knees (genu valgum), pigeon toes (metatarsus adductus and/or tibial torsion) and scoliosis (from lower limb influence).



Out of the office, Louis enjoys working out, badminton, and walking, especially long walks at East Coast Park. Whenever he is able to, he flies back to Kuching to spend time with his family and enjoy home-cooked food.


Registered member of the following organisations:

  • U.K. HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council)
  • The International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment

Trainings, Certifications & Qualifications

  • BSc. Hons. Brighton (UK)
  • Advanced Shockwave Application for fascia conditions
  • Advanced Shockwave Application for lower extremities
  • Advanced clinical assessments for musculoskeletal conditions
  • AFO treatments for drop foot and ankle deformities
  • Lower Extremity Sports Taping for foot control & stabilisation
  • Techniques on advance biomechanics assessment
  • Foot & Ankle Mobilisation
  • Diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support