Shirley Lau

Shirley LAU, BPod

  • Member of the Association of Podiatric Medicine (Singapore)
  • Member of the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA)
  • Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
English, Mandarin
Clinical Interests: Lower Limb Musculoskeletal Injuries • Fungal Toenail & Skin Conditions

East Coast Podiatry kembangan

18 Jalan Masjid . Kembangan Plaza #B1-02 . Singapore 418944

Ms. Shirley Lau is a trained podiatrist whose practice primarily focuses on sports injuries and general podiatry care for soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions.

Shirley’s podiatry career started after graduating with distinction from the University of Newcastle, Australia, where she was awarded the ‘Faculty of Health’ and ‘Medicine Medal’. Given her outstanding contribution, academic achievement, and traits that she has carried with her into her podiatry career, she was also a recipient of the ‘Faculty Scholars Program.

Shirley remains a registered member of the Australian Podiatric Association (APodA) and, she continues to stay up to date with the current clinical evidence and approaches available, allowing her to provide evidence-based podiatric care to her patients.

Leading an active lifestyle herself, Shirley understands how an injury can affect one’s fitness level and performance. She is dedicated to helping her patients overcome these challenges.

Shirley is known for her cheerful and calm demeanour during consultations. She is well known for her ability to effectively address the needs of her patients, particularly those with sports injuries or musculoskeletal conditions. She is committed to providing high-quality care based on the latest clinical evidence and utilizing advanced podiatric technologies.

Lower Limb Musculoskeletal Injuries

“Our feet are the foundation of our entire body as they provide support and balance. Therefore proper alignment of our feet can reduce stress on our bones, joints, and soft tissues. I find this area of podiatry fascinating I am passionate to help my patients with improving their biomechanics and reduce the symptoms related to their musculoskeletal conditions. Having a background in running and being eager to stay fit, I understand the importance of pain-free feet and how an injury can get in the way of doing what you love. This drives my passion to help athletes achieve their personal best using the advanced medical technologies in injury rehabilitation and load management.”

Fungal Toenail & Skin Conditions

“Throughout my time as a podiatrist in Australia, I have seen a great deal of patients with fungal skin infections and nail conditions. Therefore, I have equipped myself with skills in managing the abovementioned conditions. Due to the tropical weather in Singapore, the weather is hot and humid which will allow fungi to thrive and cause symptoms such as changes to the skin and nail integrity. I enjoy working with my patients to help them prevent and manage these conditions with my knowledge in this area.”

Shirley is a Malaysian-Chinese who was born and raised in Miri, a beautiful coastal city on the island of Borneo. Shirley has always found herself having a passion for healthcare and this drove her to choose podiatry as her profession.

Shirley has received podiatric training and education in University of Newcastle, Australia. Before joining East Coast Podiatry, Shirley worked as a podiatrist in private practice in Gold Coast, Australia. Through her exposure to a variety of foot conditions throughout her time in Australia, she managed to amass a great deal of experience in managing and formulating personalised strategies for various lower limb conditions.

  • General podiatric care (incl. scalpel work for wound debridement)
  • Shockwave Therapy (radial, focused)
  • Prescription Shoe Insoles (foot orthotics)
  • Prescription Ankle Foot Orthotics (for conditions such as drop foot)
  • Nail Surgery (minimal invasive technique with nailbed ablation)
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanning
  • Sports Taping
  • Bachelor in Podiatric Medicine
  • Advanced Medical Shockwave Application (Focused & Radial) ISMST
  • Advanced Shockwave Application for fascia conditions
  • Advanced clinical assessments for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Managing drop foot and ankle deformity conditions with ankle foot orthoses
  • Sport Taping for stabilisation and increasing mobile function
  • Techniques on advance biomechanics assessment
  • Diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Sports Medicine
  • Vascular Conditions of the lower extremity
  • Orthopaedic related conditions
  • Wound Healing
  • Orthotics design

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