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Clinic Visit

How do I book an appointment?

Please call us directly or email us at

Alternatively, you may fill in the online booking form on our website and we will call you back to confirm your appointment shortly.

Is your location wheelchair friendly?

Absolutely. Our building is wheelchair accessible via the main entrance.

Do I need a referral?

Not at all. Simply call us at 6848 5156 to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can also email us at But do wait for a confirmation reply before you head down to our clinics.

If you do have a doctor’s or professional referral, please inform our staff when you call in and bring the referral letter with you when you visit us.

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, NETS, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB and Union Pay.

DBS and OCBC Credit Card holders can enjoy 0% interest instalment for periods up to 6 or 12 months (not including DBS AMEX).


What to expect on consultation?

Patients will need to complete a form and are advised to provide their IDs upon registration.

The Podiatrist will first consult you to understand more about your condition. After the assessment, the Podiatrist will recommend suitable plans and explain what needs to be done to get you on the road to recovery.

The Podiatrist will advise you on what the process will be like and the costs before proceeding.

You are advised to bring along a pair of shorts or ¾ pants and your most commonly worn foot wear especially sports shoes.

Getting prescription insoles, what to expect?
  • Consultation with our Podiatrist normally takes about 15min-30 mins
  • Our podiatrist will assess and interview you on your condition and explain to you your condition and what your options are and what to expect on the road to recovery
  • You may or may not need Biomechanics Assessment
  • Should you choose to go ahead with the recommended plan, our podiatrists will proceed to design the orthoses for you
  • Patients are advised to bring or wear shorts or ¾ pants and your most commonly worn foot wear and especially sports shoes
  • You will be contacted when the orthotics arrive to return for fitting and reassessment
  • You will be provided an Orthotics Advice Sheet that will detail user instructions and our warranty information

What should I wear? Can I walk after the session?
  • Yes. As the procedures are non-invasive, you can resume walking immediately after each session.
  • Do wear comfortable footwear and bring a spare pair of slippers in case wound dressing is required
  • Do wear shorts, bermudas or three quarters pants to ease the assessment of our podiatrist
Will I be pain-free after my session?

We strive to work towards a pain-free experience for our patients. However, depending on the condition and sessions required, you may experience some discomfort.


What does my insurance policy cover?

There are many similar insurance policies that many people have but due to various circumstances, your policy could cover very differently from another person with the same type of policy from even the same insurance agency.

Insurance policies can be largely different from local insurers to foreign insurers, and then corporate insurance. There are cases of exclusions, pre-existing conditions, lapses in premium payments, corporate insurance types and many more scenarios that affect your coverage.

My insurer has confirmed that I am covered for Podiatric care. Does this mean the entire cost will be reimbursed?

Not necessarily, all claims are subject to final assessment by your underwriter. A full coverage on your policy document does not guarantee a full reimbursement.

Do you accept Letter of Guarantees (LOG)?

We are unable to accept LOG/GOP at the moment, patients will need to make full payment at our centre and seek personal reimbursement directly from their insurer.

Are Consultation Fees & Podiatric services Insurance Claimable?

Your insurance policy document should indicate if Outpatient Podiatry Consultation / Assessment / Service fees are covered under your plan. Please note that all claims are subject to a final assessment by your underwriter.

Do check with your insurance provider:

  • That your insurance policy is in-force (active)
  • If you are subject to co-insurance, co-payables or deductibles
  • If you have exhausted your monthly/annual limit
  • Claim submission requirements

If in doubt, please contact your insurance provider directly to ascertain your insurance coverage.